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♡ 15452 ✍ 104 Wonderful News!! Wonder's a petite, munchkin senior whose first family left her at a local public shelter when they moved. Adopted from us a year ago, her most recent owner brought her back because her new fiancé's child is highly allergic.  This adorable, people-loving, purr muffin has had some bad breaks with people and now she's dealing with arthritis and renal failure. If you follow @purrfect_pals you may remember Pretty Kitty, the 14 year old boy found on a busy highway, walking in circles in April, 2016. Fortunately, a kind person recognized he was in trouble and took him to a local vet. In addition to being blind, this handsome senior was in kidney failure and needed subcutaneous fluids every other day.  After being passed around his entire life, Pretty Boy went home in August 2016 with Denise. Everyone knew this was a hospice situation and the goal was to make the rest of Pretty Kitty's life as happy and enjoyable as possible. In April of this year, surrounded in love, Ramsey (Pretty Kitty) crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Denise and her fiancé, Mike, recently offered to take another Purrfect Pals cat into hospice care. Denise made the 2 hour drive (each way) to meet some of our infirmary cats and was drawn to take Wonder home. Now home and getting settled, Denise reports Wonder is a little wobbly in her hind end, but is hoping it is just stiffness from the long car trip. They've cut down a side of the litter box to make entry and exit easy and set up a bed on the floor for easy access, with lots of padding for her arthritic hips. Wonder has already touched noses through the crate with their lab and didn't bat an eye but for now she has the bonus room to herself.  After losing multiple families and homes, this girl is going to end her life where she should, in a home with people who care and not in a shelter. Nobody knows how many months or years Wonder has ahead.  We do know it takes very special people to open their hearts to hospice cats and our heartfelt thanks go to Denise and Mike for giving the gift of a loving forever home to this little tuxedo lady. ❤️

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♡ 205 ✍ 5 Gustavo Navarro, un poco angustiado, nos revela el estado de su hermano en México... Entre otras cosas él nos cuenta que no ha sufrido pérdidas ni golpes. @rtsecuador

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♡ 21 ✍ 0 Biżuteria misterna niczym tatuaże, inspirowana najpiękniejszymi polskimi kwiatami - to najlepszy sposób, by zachować wyjątkowe chwile i wspomnienia na zawsze.@magdalena_bujak z babskiego kolektywu artystycznego @ink_miners_tattoo #wkruk #wkruk1840

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♡ 48 ✍ 2 NOUVEAUTÉS d' ESSENCE!!! La collection "Hello Happiness" est venue avec beaucoup de pinceaux pour vos meilleurs looks 😏🔝💙 📍Cliquez sur le link BUNSTA de notre bio ou visitez notre site:

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♡ 3 ✍ 0 @ignaziomoser e lavo fessone su @danielebossari e#filippalagerback #gossipetv #grandefratellovip

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♡ 309 ✍ 0 Sin quejarse wtf😂 Etiqueta a tus amigos ⬇⬇👌

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♡ 94 ✍ 0 Available at @afnanfurniture1 👉🏿Royal Beds& Royal Chairs 👉🏿Sofas Beds& Sofas Cushiom's 👉🏿 Dining Tables 👉🏿Consoles 👉🏿Electronics 👉🏿Tv Stands 👉🏿Decors 👉🏿Food flasks 👉🏿Exclusive Wrappers Etc. Address : Goron Dutse beside Gidan zakka or Tal'udu junction before F.C.E kano . Call Us for More inquiries 08033370469,08162424101, 08032260414 @afnanfurniture1 @afnanfurniture1 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖

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♡ 933 ✍ 20 shoutout to the Dangerous Woman Tour dancers who killed it and gave it their all every night. you truly helped make the tour what is was for me and everyone else who went to see it and it wouldn't have been the same without you all ❤️

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♡ 3172 ✍ 43 Announcement tomorrow... 🤔🎶

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♡ 8 ✍ 0 Open Today at 3pm🌴

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♡ 664 ✍ 22 I picked up the CUTEST little Dumbo snowsuit from Joe today from @disneystoreuk and it was half price at £8.95 ! 🐘 #dumbo #disneystore #disneystoreuk #disneybaby #Disney #disneyuk #disneylife #disneyfind #disneyland #disneyworld

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♡ 339 ✍ 5 Für mich gibt es nichts schöneres, als mit Menschen die man liebt raus zu gehen, was zu essen, das Handy wegzulegen & einfach gute Gespräche zu haben 🙏🏻..Freundschaft & Beziehungen, eventuell auch die Familie, sind einfach das Wichtigste im Leben ♥️ #love

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♡ 187 ✍ 4 Worst thing you can do is doubt me. Powered by @puruslabs code: EJ20

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♡ 2977 ✍ 4 @fracrox 😎✂️💯 #Hairstylesformem

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♡ 788 ✍ 12 ¡Camilita nos envía un video para contarnos cómo están Lunita y Davi! @rtsecuador #VCT

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♡ 83 ✍ 0 " نهاية المباراة.. . الهلال 1-1 الاتحاد . . الحمدلله دائما وأبدا..💙

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♡ 24 ✍ 2 O O T N.

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♡ 9 ✍ 4 Pina.....uma das saídas do Rio Mar!!!! Isso é constante

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♡ 35583 ✍ 258 @hazardeden_10 is on 🔥 what do you like the most? The first touch, the move or the assist 🤔| @chelseafc

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♡ 86 ✍ 2 - - First round of back orders are shipped and the rest will ship in the next 2 hours . Again everybody that has been waiting I'm very sorry about the delay . Blame the hurricanes lol