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PitBull/ChihuahuaMom • Advocate • AnimalLover \n🚫Breeders\n🚫BSL\nI DO THIS TO SAVE DOGS\nTHAT IS MY AGENDA\n#WESEEYOUWECAREWEARETRYING

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♡ 33 ✍ 0 #Repost @helpoutfurryfriends ・・・ Kimo really needs our help , he's been diagnosed with brain cancer 💔😔and his family could really use or help to provide him with the best care. Please consider donating even a dollar to help Kimo 🙏the link is in @kimo_the_staffie bio Love you Kimo💕🙏🙏 #cancersucks #helpthemhelphim #Repost @kimo_the_staffie with @repostapp ・・・ My friends, we went back from the oncologist . Like if couldn't get worse, today we received the news Kimo has glyoma, the most agressive type of brain cancer . Due the tumor's location in his brain, removing it is not an option. The alternative to treat it and give him a good quality of life is Radiation Therapy. Is an effective means of treatment, it kills cancer cells by damaging their DNA, preventing further growth. The treatment is URGENT and must start next week maximum. Is the only way Kimo has a chance to live longer and better and who knows, maybe win this so unfair battle. As showed in the pictures, I already spent all my savings and got a care credit during the last days, to be able to pay his primarily exams (x rays, blood test, urine test, MRI, cerebrospinal fluids analysis). They are very expensive, although very necessary. I decided to set up a Go fund me account because he deserves a chance to be treated and fight against this coward disease. And because there's still hope for a longer and good quality life for him. So we need to your help. We desperately need that amount to be able to start his treatment next week. Please DONATE, SHARE and help my son. Link is in my bio. Thank you.

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♡ 330 ✍ 3 Are your priorities in order? Prioritizing your life means owning your vision for your destiny! #Destiny #TOTD #BishopJakes

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♡ 900 ✍ 5 📌👉@bemditaspalavras ・・・ Amor: estado de alma daqueles que saem de si, para se colocar no@ligar do outro." Rofagundes #amor #consciencia #domingando #coach #goodvibes #motivation #psicologia #viveravida #secolocarnolugardooutro #soul #soumaisbemditaspalavras #dobem #corpoealma #rofagundes

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♡ 118 ✍ 1 Market day 🌿

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♡ 6 ✍ 0 Ораза кабыл болсын достар! Самый лучший плов здесь) @izum_plov керемет тамактардын дамин татып, ауыз ашсаныздар болады) также они являются нашими оптовиками) стаканы,графины и ударостойкие тарелки японского дизайна наши) прекрасно сочетаются с наивкуснейшики блюдами изюма)

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♡ 8 ✍ 0 В наличии #люкс туфли Valentino 38-120$ Сумка Miu Miu #luxe #fcsinstock

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♡ 174 ✍ 1 Luz Natural... Chio&Teddy 📸⭐️ Foto. Raynner Alba Asistencia: @carmenalvarracin Video: @felipeidrovo WeddingPlanner: @paulinajaramillo MakeUp: @tpesantez Hair: @mipalove #sunset #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer #shoot #shooting #peru #ecuador #boda #photography #photographer #great

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♡ 844 ✍ 6 @brendonhayward I spent the last year traveling around the world making this. New vids comin soon 🎥⚡️#watchthisinstagood

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♡ 641 ✍ 6 Damn My Bestie Thick Af @x1fatbooty @x1fatbooty 😜😍 @missezrenee 👅@smile_beyou 💲

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♡ 142 ✍ 0 . للبيع نيسان باترول بلاتينيوم سيتي موديل 2016 .. الماكينة 320 .. كامل المواصفات ..ماشية 22 ألف .. اللون برونزي الداخلية جلد بيج مع كافة الكماليات و المواصفات ..حماية للبدي و تضليل حراري 10% .. بحالة الوكالة و كفالة 5 سنوات شاملة الجير و الماكينة والكهربا ..و سيرفيز مجاني لغاية 100000 او خمس سنوات .. السعر : 16000 قابل للمساومة بالمعقول .. يرجى التواصل للجادين فقط .. موبايل: 99444239

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♡ 30 ✍ 0 Ostiones a la parrilla con espinaca y Queso Ramonetti. En @elpuntaldeln cocina del chef @pablosanromanabete #Tecamachalco #CDMX

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♡ 81 ✍ 1 Happy Sunday! After doing some cleaning and straightened my up, it's time sit outside and enjoy this beautiful weather we're having. Side note, I'm completely in love with my new outfit from @musclerichapparel ❤️#musclerichapparel

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♡ 285 ✍ 8 Rabbim, gerçekten gönülden isteyen herkese, istediği herşeyi hayırlısı ile nasip etsin ömrü hayatına... 🙏

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♡ 154 ✍ 0 . للبيع هايبوسا ٢٠١٢ ماشي٩٠٠٠ عليه هوائيات و شفتر بزاز ولور السيكل معير يايب رقم حلو لا يدق الا الصامل99373112

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♡ 127 ✍ 4 Greatness is not measured by a mans accomplishments but by the obstacles he had to overcome to reach his goals! #RottenApple 😎

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♡ 191 ✍ 0 Open Order. Hubungi @amaliacollection_ yaa CLAIR dress color : black-coralpink . mat. barbie crepe+bubble crepe S/M & L/XL . Lingkar dada S/M 96 • L/XL 104 Lingkar ketiak S/M 45 • L/XL 48 Panjang badan 135 Panjang lengan 57 . ✅ wudhu friendly . idr 185.000

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♡ 39 ✍ 2 ハワイついてさっそく😇 アサイー食べきました😆🌼 #hawaii#waikiki#acaibowl#islandvintagecoffee#love

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♡ 299 ✍ 9 Natta fra #milano❤️ Stor natta klem til dere alle. #mylife #fashion #italy #lovemylife #love #🇸🇪 #youknowwhoyouare

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♡ 28 ✍ 0 Morcilla de Burgos. Una verdadera delicia. En @elpuntaldeln en cocina @pablosanromanabete #CDMX