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Architecture student, fashion and makeup lover, black addict, book junkie. I probably bleed coffee E-mail: eva.andreea.b@gmail.com Latest video 🔽

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♡ 895 ✍ 4 Fournée du matin avec ma top ekip 😀 #missk #chocolate #pastry #christophemichalak #michalak

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♡ 21 ✍ 0 WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!! @mt_buller has created history today by snowboarding in Australia........IN MARCH! It's all thanks to their fancy new snow making machine that will guarantee the slopes will be open for day one of the season right through to the end! We can't wait to get up there!! #hittheslopes #nevermissamoment #foxfm

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♡ 18 ✍ 0 Корпоративы, юбилеи, свадьбы, дни рождения в БАНКЕТНОМ ЗАЛЕ "ТУЙМААДА" @banket_tuymaada 📍Кирова, 23 ☎️702370 📞89644157540 Вместимость от 30 до 100 👫👫 Вкусная кухня 🍲🍨🍧🍽🍵☕️ Самый центр города🌆 Удобная парковка🚖🚘🚍🚙🚗 Без арендной платы 🆓 Отдельный зал для дискотеки 💃🏻🕺🏾 Ди-джей с аппаратурой 🎧 Концертная программа 🎤🎶 @banket_tuymaada @banket_tuymaada @banket_tuymaada

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♡ 37 ✍ 1 Race it yours! @polaraus are giving away two cycling computers M450 (RRP$319) at the 2017 SKCC Crit Championships THIS SUNDAY! Stay tuned on the event day, ya gotta be in it to win it! To enter: https://entryboss.cc/races/363

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♡ 224 ✍ 1 บวงสรวงละครใจลวง ติดตามชมกันเร็วๆนี้นะค๊าาาา cr. @kigom102

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♡ 156 ✍ 0 คัดจมูก

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♡ 810 ✍ 32 Now showing in theaters! ❤️

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♡ 37 ✍ 0 Here's where Belle's story started, the village. Start your journey at the village only at Lippo Mall Puri 🌹 #beautyandthebeast #yourlippomallpuri #itshappeninghere #lippomallpuri

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♡ 19 ✍ 0 كلنا نعرف ان أقوى الم هو ضرس العقل.. ترقبونا البوست الياي

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♡ 522 ✍ 7 Catch her later tonight in Tonight with Boy Abunda 🌻 #proudmom #TWBA

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♡ 83 ✍ 0 Белоснежные свад.платья в салоне @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz

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♡ 1955 ✍ 24 vans or adidas? 📸@unknown #strwrde

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♡ 304 ✍ 1 * еnjoy eating~😋 เที่ยงแล้วหาไรดับอุณหภูมิร้อนในร่างกายกันเถอะ!! #ยิ้มอ่อน 🤣 #คลิปรวมมิตร #prodassadin #pppfamily

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♡ 65 ✍ 0 Белоснежные свад.платья в салоне @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz

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♡ 46 ✍ 1 FREE SLOT AVAILABLE TODAY! Feel free to contact our salon 😊 03-41431418 from 11am-9pm Chez hair studio No.58-0 ground floor block H platinum walk Danau kota 53300 Setapak Kuala Lumpur #salun #rambutcantik #danaukota #setapak #ghd #buha #rambutsihat #shampoo #hairtreatment #pomade #chezhairstudio #ombre #balayage #olaplex #ghdhair #goodhairday #haircode

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♡ 30 ✍ 0 Белоснежные свад.платья в салоне @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz

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♡ 610 ✍ 13 Eh minyak wangimu apa? Jafaron Misik apa Malaikat subuh? 😅 from @cerita_tebuireng #santri #alasantri

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♡ 22 ✍ 0 Come and visit Beauty And The Beast, The Enchanted Lane. Only at Lippo Mall Puri. Be our guest and experience the life of Belle with us. #lippomallpuri #itshappeninghere #yourlippomallpuri #beautyandthebeast

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♡ 59 ✍ 0 Белоснежные свад.платья в салоне @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz @sapfir.uz



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