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♡ 248 ✍ 0 #BeInspired Mondays with IK: Relax, You ain't Indispensable“How come it’s still 9.25?” Femi quipped after looking at his wristwatch the 8th time in one minute. Ola’s wedding was in one hour, thirty-five minutes and he was one of the groomsmen. The wedding was in Ibadan, but Femi was still in Lagos, stuck in traffic around Palmgroove bus stop. He’d left the house in Surulere an hour and 30 minutes before, hoping to get to Ibadan in record time for his childhood friend’s wedding ceremony. He had only stopped at the laundry man’s place to pick Ola’s tuxedos, and then at Ojuelegba after a tricycle driver brushed the side of his vehicle, trying to evade police officers who were running towards him. Ola, who had decided to lose a little weight before his wedding, had decided to get his tuxedo one week to the wedding. He didn’t want to be in a situation where he’d have to make adjustments. Sadly, on getting to the designer’s office, his size was no longer available for the colours his wife-to-be had chosen for him. The designer told him a bigger size was available, and would require a little adjustment and all would be well. At the time, he knew his nonchalance and perfectionism had gotten him in this puddle. He wasn’t bothered about wedding outfit and didn’t want to be bothered about having to adjust the tuxedo because he had lost a little weight. He just wanted to get the perfect outfit a week to the D-day. Alas, life happened. The following days saw Ola go about his daily life and other wedding plans until Thursday while packing for Ibadan. “Shet! I forgot to meet this designer guy sef,” he said as he picked up his phone to make a call to the designer. “Uche, ehn ehn. How are you? This is Femi. See ehn, I totally forgot about that my wedding outfit oh. I’m coming to your place now to collect it.” *** Read @iknwosu's full story on #features #beinspired #monday #iknwosu

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♡ 10352 ✍ 43 Hair game strong! #MIAMediaDay

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♡ 22043 ✍ 387 Still exporting and logging footage. Excited to share so much of this year with y'all and extremely thankful for a year of growth. Excited to rest up but even more excited to get back to it 📹💻 #dangerouswomantour 💥🛩

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♡ 2436 ✍ 3 Cute nails by @charm.nails 🐞☺️

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♡ 6805 ✍ 28 Yes or No?😗

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♡ 202 ✍ 9 Elektronik Sigara İçin 👇🏻 @e_sigaramm @e_sigaramm @e_sigaramm Sipariş whatsapp 👉🏻 0544 390 0487

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♡ 65 ✍ 0 اگه دنبال يه مركز خوب براى پاكسازى اصولى پوستتون هستيد كه تحت نظر متخصص داراي مدارك معتبر داخلى و خارجى اداره ميشه و از برترين محصولات آمريكايي استفاده ميكنند حتما يك سر به ندا سنتر بزنيد. @Neda_center @Neda_center @Neda_center 📞: 22118869 __ 09120920277

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♡ 55 ✍ 1 @farzaneh_makeupartist @farzaneh_makeupartist آموزش دوره های میکاپ و گریم تخصصی فرزانه شاهمرادی میکاپ آرتیست فوق تخصصی عروس ارائه ی جدیدترین تکنیک های گریم، میکاپ و کانتورنینگ متعادل سازی چهره متناسب با آناتومی و فرم صورت با استفاده از برترین برندهای معتبر دنیا Tel: 09121006861 برای مشاهده نمونه کارهای بیشتر 👇🏻 @farzaneh_makeupartist @farzaneh_makeupartist @farzaneh_makeupartist

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♡ 15382 ✍ 181 One week left!! See my link in bio to enter for a chance to hang out with these bad mamas! Proceeds benefit @allianceofmoms. ❤️❤️

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♡ 34680 ✍ 1327 Erik dalı gevrektir çalınca dayanamayıp kurtları döken ufaklık .)

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♡ 1296 ✍ 28 A protester is removed by a Capitol Hill police officer during a Senate Finance Committee hearing on the latest Republican effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act on Capitol Hill in Washington, September 25, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque #reuters #reutersphotos #dc #healthcare #capitolhill

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♡ 5770 ✍ 95 Vento forte que a vida soprou Derrubou o ninho de amor Hoje eu sou Um cigano que foge da dor Um oceano sem navegador Hoje eu sou Um fulano que a sorte marcou Condenado a ser um sonhador Hoje eu sou de ninguém ( Alexandre Pires / Luiz Silva ) 📝🎵🎶

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♡ 1088 ✍ 12 @barukvip @barukvip @barukvip @barukvip recibiendo nueva mercancía👗👗👗👗👜👜👜👜 hacemos envíos INTERNACIONAL Y NACIONAL para pedido e información whatsapp 829 958 6057

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♡ 47 ✍ 0 @miss_melodyyy کلیه خدمات میکرو,مژه,مو,ناخن توسط متخصص بین المللی🗣🗣 همراه با ۴۰ درصد تخفیف در محیطی شیک و صمیمی...با ما همراه شوید و از خدمات بینظیر ما بهره مند شوید 😍 آموزش هر کدام از خدمات فقط ۶۰۰ هزار تومان ! همراه با مدرک فنی حرفه ای @miss_melodyyy 💅 @miss_melodyyy 💇

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♡ 17433 ✍ 19 Eine große Ehre, bei @bitsandpretzels mit Alan und Fabian von @fanmiles als Speaker aufzutreten. Vielen Dank für die Einladung 👍🏼 It was a great honor to be on stage at @bitsandpretzels with Alan & Fabian from @fanmiles. Thanks for having us 👍🏼