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♡ 2598 ✍ 172 (Continued ...) I understand that the Prosecution has filed a Criminal Reference to the Court of Appeal, so this case is not yet over. We will have to meet the Prosecution’s case when this is heard. I have consulted with my lawyers on this, and will leave the legal question to be resolved by the Court. My future is, as always, in God’s hands. I am extremely saddened by the prospect of having to leave my family and church, and yearn to see them again after serving my sentence. However, I am ready to face what is to come with the peace and grace of God in my heart. As I reflect on the prospect of starting my sentence, I wish to thank all those who have supported me in one way or another in this difficult period, including the church and its members, my family and friends, and other well-wishers. I would also like to thank my lawyers for their professionalism in their legal representation, and for being so unselfish with their time. To all I have disappointed, stumbled and hurt in my congregation, in the Body of Christ at large, and in the public, I am truly sorry. I have made unwise decisions in the past that have led me to where I am today. I am filled with grief and regret over my mistakes and I sincerely ask for your forgiveness. Finally, and most importantly, to the members of City Harvest Church and to my beloved family, thank you for your unwavering love, prayers and support. I am sorry for putting you all unfairly through this painful ordeal. I will miss you very much. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Yours sincerely, Kong Hee

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♡ 72 ✍ 0 【Men's styling】 古着のアイテムから コーデュロイパンツを使った スタイリング! 緩めのスウェットに合わせて ラフなオジカジスタイルで♪ ¥1,200+税〜 #threestar #スリースター #selectshop #セレクトショップ #used #古着 #new #新品 #vintage #ヴィンテージ #gallery #ギャラリー #domestic #ドメスティック #antique #アンティーク #mens #メンズ #ladies #レディース #kyoto #京都 #corduroy #コーデュロイ #pants #パンツ

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♡ 173 ✍ 3 Perfect day at the fair!!!

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♡ 513 ✍ 12 The drink list for the Spotify Fans First private show 9/21/17 😹😹😹😹

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♡ 31982 ✍ 126 happy birthday awangku! 🐻💜💜💜💜 wishnya sudah sangat panjang ya di wa pokoknya all the best for u ajwa & bahagia selalu! i miss u bibir:(

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♡ 11 ✍ 0 📣 ร้อนเบอร์นี้ ต้องดับร้อนแตงหวานๆถึงจะเหมาะนะค่า!! 😎แตงฮามิจากประเทศจีนมาแล้วน้าาา!!! 🍈 🇨🇳 ใครรออยู่จัดด่วนค่า 😍#หวานกรอบ 😆#อร่อยเหมือนเดิมคะ😋 #165฿: ลูก 🍈🇨🇳#จ่ายแพงกว่าทำไม😇

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♡ 437 ✍ 0 Once upon a time I was of the mind To lay your burden down And leave you where you stood And you believed I could You'd seen it done before I could read your thoughts Tell you what you saw And never say a word Now all that is gone Over with and done, never to return I can tell you why People die alone I can tell you I'm A shadow on the sun #saudadedesseensaio

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♡ 173 ✍ 1 ПРЕМЬЕРА! Экозамша! Мягкая, практичная, трендовая — подиумы воспевают, бренд #incanto предлагает обладать прямо сейчас! Линия Suede доступна для заказа на и в бутиках! #black #suede #fitness #incanto #incantoitaly #storeincantoeu #design

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♡ 65 ✍ 0 Habarika kijanja kwa kusoma The Citizen leo. Kamata nakala yako asubuhi hii. #thecitizen

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♡ 42 ✍ 0 🤘🍭

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♡ 1132 ✍ 10 He has shaved 👀 ~ Louis is at Niall's #SpotifyFansFirst show at The Troubadour tonight ! #louistomlinson #harrystyles #larrystylinson

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♡ 21901 ✍ 121 Wow.. 😂😳 #9gagfootball

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♡ 257 ✍ 0 ALYGOOD × SMOKY DENIM TOTE BAG T/T. SHOP STOCK. 6 SIZE. SMALL ② MEDIUM ② LARGE ② SMOKYはUS. FRENCH. GERMAN. WORK ITEMメインのお店です そのSTYLEからどうしても古着では補えない部分に関して熊本で才能ある人にお願いして去年から LEATHER GOODS. CASKET.そして今回からDENIM BAG加わりました これで役者が揃った感があります 一つ一つに魂の込もったITEM SOLDすればまた次の入荷まで時間が掛かります 皆さん宜しくお願い致します #健軍#健軍SMOKY#熊本#VINTAGE

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♡ 154 ✍ 0 Dude limeamshwa. Unakosaje sasa kusoma Mwananspoti leo? #mwanaspoti

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♡ 704 ✍ 15 - 울 아들꺼🖤 텐진 뒷골목 두리번 거리는 중😜 #fukuoka연아#fukuoka #후쿠오카#jordankids

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♡ 32367 ✍ 145 Bersama sahabat pena 🤣#istrikutemankusahabatkuadikku 🙃

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♡ 33 ✍ 0 MENEMPUH CABARAN BARU 💪 . Semoga tahun baru ini memberi sinar baru yang membawa kita ke arah kehidupan yang lebih baik..insyaAllah. . Salam Maal Hijrah 1439H buat semua!!! 😎😉

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♡ 126 ✍ 1 -Serikali yavunja ukimya matibabu ya Lissu - Uchaguzi Kenya moto -Wabunge wa CCM wafanya kampeni kiaina kwa habari zilizofanyiwa uchambuzi wa kina kamata nakala yako ya gazeti la Mwananchi asubuhi hii #mwananchileo

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♡ 59 ✍ 2 Tarsus’ta meydana gelen trafik kazasında 1 genç hayatını kaybetti.