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Loja de produtos importados e Pronta Entrega❤️ Enviamos para todo o Brasil com frete GRATIS!!!✈️💕

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♡ 17956 ✍ 259 FONDUE LAVA CAKE 😍 Would you try this chocolate cake?👇 Love Food? Follow us: @lickyourphone 💕 🎥 @lickyourphone . #lickyourphone #9gag #9gagnoticeme #fondantcake #fondue #fonduedechocolate #chocolate #cakelover #cakeboss #choco #chocolatecake #nyceats #whatsuplebanon #lavacake #drool #mua #hudabeauty

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♡ 6610 ✍ 37 2:40am in TT🇹🇹 now finish recording a new track #DohHateMe 😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈 @marka03 good energy great vibes all fun #champion #1 Razor we just making music 🎶

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♡ 15576 ✍ 408 The biggest challenge is being yourself in a world that is forcing you to be like everyone else 💡🐑 . #cleverinvestor #codysperber #mindset #beyourself

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♡ 15769 ✍ 240 ❤️

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♡ 140390 ✍ 230 U2!! Wtf!! Amazing #speechless #priceless

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♡ 11091 ✍ 33 Happy birthday nyet! Badut 😂😂😂😂 Semoga kaya raya Makin tua makin kacak bergaya.. Macam hari2 hari raya... @zakwan_yaakub #sayangketatsendatpadat @janna_nicker @sephia.my

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♡ 29544 ✍ 229 Our thoughts and prayers Mexico, Puerto Rico and St.Croix. So much devastation.

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♡ 30732 ✍ 274 Swipe ➡️ Thank you to everyone involved today especially the brands! I hope u like it spicy bc @jck_photography and I were brining the heat! 🌶🔥 more on snap and ig video - Thank u @jck_photography @joleeartistry @toetoetoetoe @socmaui @waikikiyachtcharters @mojobeebeekinis @moxyboutiquehi @detailgaragehawaii @hawaiipololife @kahala_resort

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♡ 47370 ✍ 465 Fuerza México querido! Venezuela con ustedes siempre! #19Sep

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♡ 28442 ✍ 181 Beautiful home of @julie.thedesigntwins makes me excited about fall

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♡ 13021 ✍ 168 🌟Finalizando o dia com um jantar maravilhoso entre amigos!!! @lubyankabaltar @rodfurtado e ???😂 Muito low profile ele!

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♡ 228968 ✍ 1337 after a 72 hour battle with diarrhea i am ready to serve looks in my new crop top xD

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♡ 18452 ✍ 20 Work time #DohHateMe @marka03 #djbravo

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♡ 18802 ✍ 280 Mais que amigas, friends! Passando aqui pra avisar que as novas cores de bases lançam em outubro! Atrasou porque agora a embalagem nova entra com o selo oficial do PETA Cruelty Free 🎉 #basepausaparafeminices

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♡ 12890 ✍ 130 #meetings @pr_rwtw

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♡ 9395 ✍ 386 Meet over on the twitter side ;) #ScientologyTheAftermath

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♡ 5734 ✍ 93 "Los niños son como las estrellas. Nunca hay demasiados." Nuestra Santa Madre Teresa de Calcuta / Hoy en nuestro Guatire, siempre estaré con ustedes, siempre!

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♡ 13265 ✍ 30 #Repost @3_bigdogs with @repostapp ・・・ SIX. #Champion #1 #djbravo47 #FashionBrand @3_bigdogs. @djbravo_47

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♡ 17986 ✍ 131 All healed picture of @pura_vida_extracts back piece. Really enjoy creating my own art in tattoos. Using photographs I've taken over the years. It's a collaborative process between the client and I. Pieces like this take 75-100 hours sometimes more depending on the size of the person and the intricacy of the design. Thank you for looking. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored

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♡ 6727 ✍ 68 My son always has my back. #Repost @najeethemagazine ・・・ Just like Muhammed Ali They called him Cassius Watch me bash this beat like a skull That you know I've beef with Why do you riff with me The maniac psycho And when I pull out my jammy get ready Cause I might go Blaw! How you like me now? The ripper will not allow ..