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♡ 567 ✍ 3 21 years ago, the idea of a road car weighing 1100kg with nearly 900bhp wasn’t so much unprecedented as unhinged. ___________________________________________________ Project 7/12, as it was first known, debuted at the 1996 Birmingham motor show and, predictably, it caused a sensation. The possibility that it might actually be quicker than the McLaren F1 wasn’t vigorously denied by Peter Wheeler (Owner,TVR 1981-2004) ___________________________________________________ The 7/12 project tag denoted the proportions of its monster engine, essentially two Cerbera Speed Six straight-sixes spliced together, utilising a steel block, further developed by TVR’s John Ravenscroft to make a 7.7-litre V12. ___________________________________________________ The story goes that it snapped the input shaft of the 1000bhp-rated dyno initially tasked with finding out. When TVR’s engineers then measured each bank of cylinders separately at 480bhp, a rough estimate of 960bhp was suggested, though the figure eventually quoted ‘officially’ by TVR was 800bhp ___________________________________________________ But the Speed 12’s iconic status wasn’t truly assured until Wheeler himself took one of the finished prototypes home for the night and, on his return, declared it too powerful and wild for the road. Production plans were canned, deposits returned and the remaining prototypes broken up for spares to service the race cars. ___________________________________________________ #TVR #ProjectSpeed12 #AAFacts

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♡ 70 ✍ 0 Yine bir başarı yine bir ödül ❤

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♡ 241 ✍ 1 А после концерта, для каждой группы были накрыты по два стола с овощами, фруктами, и халами, которые они пекли. Шавуо́т (ивр. ‏שבועות‏‎) Основной религиозный смысл праздника — дарование евреям Торы на горе Синай при Исходе из Египта. #גן_אשכול #שבועות

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♡ 469 ✍ 1 This sunday do join us 😁😁... @swachhamysuru ... #SwachhaMysuru #mysorememes #mysuru #mysore #Mysuru_Memes #Karnataka

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♡ 30 ✍ 0 Iron pan thieves nabbed in Delta State . . A security guard at a bakery and poultry located at Okirighwre in Sapele Delta State was nabbed Wednesday, for stealing iron pans from the company. According to reports, the suspect sold the items to his friend, also pictured, at a very cheap rate.

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♡ 35 ✍ 0 530am getting in! Great job and happy Friday 💪#getupangetit #530am #morningworkout #noexcuses #coachclo

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♡ 30 ✍ 0 Natural bath tubs at the Figure 8 Pools in Australia Photography by @cortusz #WeLiveToExplore