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♡ 27✍0 We mean business. Consult advisors from RE/MAX to make your real estate investment decisions. Call 9999028966 to speak with CK Taneja

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♡ 24✍1 Pulkit Gupta signed as Business Associate. He is the youngest member of our team. Probably youngest in RE/MAX India. He is just 18.

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♡ 13✍0 Sandeep Singh Joined as a Business Associate. He has rich experience of Print Media Advertising. Now forays into Real Estate. Welcome to #remax

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♡ 10✍0 Team RE/MAX Haryana. Photo session after signing two new business partners - Sandeep Singh and Pulkit Gupta

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♡ 27✍3 Receiving #gift from #motivational #speaker Vivek Bindra at #RRR6 a convention of #remax affiliates at Jaipur

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♡ 21✍0 Shubhashish Bhattacharya, #corporate #trainer telling #remax affiliates how to get attitudes of #excellence at #RRR6 Jaipur

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♡ 13✍0 Dream with your eyes open #remax

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♡ 6✍0 Join RE/MAX.

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♡ 12✍0 RE/MAX Haryana awarded the best region in India in premier league. #RRR6

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♡ 12✍0 RE/MAX Affiliates visited WTC site at Greater Noida

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♡ 13✍0 RRR6 Convention at Gold Palace Resort, Jaipur

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