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♡ 12746 ✍ 342 When visions come to Life with creativity and dedication 🙏🏽🙏🏽 It's amazing to have a #nocommission artist now in stores worldwide 🙏🏽 @ricardocavolo congrats & Thx to @bally & @frederic_denarp the Ceo for understanding we must give back to the artist 🙏🏽 ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ 62 Madison will never be the same . BX

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♡ 31090 ✍ 940 Talk to me about these roots, guys: Keep? Bleach? Love it? List it?

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♡ 7221 ✍ 1252 . مو عاجبته زوجته يشوفها قبيحه المسكين تدبس فيها 💔 مأجور على صبرك . . . .

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♡ 56360 ✍ 149 Thank you @RollingStone for having me! It was lit TY: @marcodl82 @luisaviaroma @nomadsplace @immarkyoung @robearhair @hismajestyjudahisvaran @rollingstoneitalia @roi33

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♡ 772 ✍ 1 ⚡️NEW EPISODE TONIGHT⚡️ Win a truck OR hangout with the Diesel Brothers for a day! Watch Diesel Brothers on @Discoverychannel, post a pic of your tv while watching with the hashtag #watchDieselBrothers. Watch the show, make your post, and you're entered! Click the link in the bio for more details!

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♡ 744 ✍ 12 🔥SHOP NOW!🔥 🚗🚗 🌎Worldwide Shipping🌎 - Follow @tunergearofficial Follow @tunergearofficial Follow @tunergearofficial

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♡ 2792 ✍ 40 #اليوم_السابع| بالفيديو والصور.. نجوم الفن على السجادة الحمراء لـ"فوتو كوبى" بـ #الجونة

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♡ 105397 ✍ 2307

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♡ 4141 ✍ 13 The cast of @nbcwillandgrace stopped by to chat with @klgandhoda this morning on TODAY! #TODAYShow #WillandGrace (photo via @tyleressary)

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♡ 4649 ✍ 80 @hairline_ink is changing mens lives by giving them a youthful hairline appearance again. 😱 Check them out at @hairline_ink 👈🏻 these guys will blows your minds with what they can do for you 😵💨

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♡ 7533 ✍ 68 S. Y. F. L. Legend. Dusty Calhoun 3

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♡ 1052 ✍ 4 No secrets here! @flattummyco is key for keeping my tummy bloat free and looking flat, and it stops me from paying for those late night snackies.. To be honest, a few days on this stuff has kinda got me feelin’ unstoppable! I want you ladies to feel the same…It works, pure and simple for me, every time. So head on over to, and let’s freaking own it!

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♡ 4248 ✍ 106 Pronta pro show, hoje usamos as makes novas que chegaram!!Obrigada @fricotesny vocês arrasam !! No instories tem mais detalhes pras meninas e meninos que amam maquiagem como eu !!! #dicasdapreta #fricotesny Make and hair by @rocha_soraya

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♡ 1128 ✍ 40 ای جونم دلش چقدر جوونه 😍 كليپ هاي بيشتر در: @jokopic @jokopic @jokopic #كليپ #ويديو #طنز #خنده #ویدئو #پیرمرد #خواننده #صدا #عروسی #جشن

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♡ 896 ✍ 86 هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه😹😹😹قتلني . . حساب جميل ضيفوه👇 @dr.qrnas @dr.qrnas

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♡ 1543 ✍ 2 Follow @rachaelelisefit for fitness motivation & inspiration! 🔥 @rachaelelisefit 🔥 @rachaelelisefit 🔥 @rachaelelisefit 🔥

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♡ 4011 ✍ 42 Le preguntaron a esta abuela porque salían a las calles, esto dijo 👆

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♡ 21753 ✍ 319 Cuddle buddies 🐱❤️ | Video by @midorinotanbo