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♡ 1116 ✍ 100 #mentalhealthawareness now a couple of months ago I posted a picture of my transformation. Here you can see me at 3 VERY different stages of my life. Picture 1) 'it was a dark day. I don't know why. The sun is shining, birds singing and the skies blue. But it feels like my mind is weighed down by a heavy shade of grey. My heart is black, soul is lost and my mind wondering why am I even here? What is my purpose?' - An extract from my diary. I was suicidal that day, home crisis saved me. Picture 2) I had finally got the confidence to leave the house, start seeing my friends again and start working towards doing what I love. Picture 3) I feel a little overwhelmed writing this but the women I am today is the women I projected in my dreams back in the first picture. I had no idea how I would get to her but I always knew I had it in me & continue to surprise myself on a daily basis. Think of your mind, body & soul as a house... When people build houses they plan, ask people for help and day by day continue to lay bricks down to add to the foundation of what they already have, until eventually their plan (the finished house) has come into fruition. Now, YOU are the house, but the house is finished...What you come to release is that your house (you) is never finished because even now that the house is built, you need to maintain it & as you go on you realise there are new ways to add to your house to make it better, and by this you'll constantly be pushing yourself to strive for more. I am no longer afraid of the dark, as I know there is always a light at the end of the tunnel..

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♡ 1845 ✍ 0 Hirving #Lozano volvió a la actividad con el #PSV tras ser suspendido por expulsión. El extremo mexicano fue titular y consiguió anotar, asistir y provocar un penal. Su gran actuación sirvió para que el PSV terminara goleando 7-1 al Utrecht. #FOXDeportes #Futbol #Soccer #Repost @psv (@get_repost) ・・・ GUESS WHOS BACK 💥

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♡ 5848 ✍ 3 Hair ❤️

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♡ 1308 ✍ 41 How many people feel like this on a Monday?? 🤔🤔

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♡ 12107 ✍ 91 Sonrisa de lunes positivo 💕 Gracias @michmakeupartist por mi bello maquillaje💄💋

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♡ 137075 ✍ 1860 C O N G R A T S #1 W A Y T O L D Y O U T H E Y C A N T F U C K W I T B R E A K I N G R E C O R D S 🙏🏾🙏🏾🔥🔥💍💅🏽

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♡ 35332 ✍ 74 Interview with Marie (12) and Magnus-Leander (10) 😀👍🏼 #esmuellert #DeinSpiegel #fcbayern

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♡ 6007 ✍ 98 Every time he gets ahold of the box of tissues... 😂

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♡ 7447 ✍ 55 All sorts of banding happening here. 😱 No problem for Turkey Colorist @yasinkutluu_! He took his client to a beautifully blended, healthy icy blonde with #Olaplex. Love seeing work from Olaplex artists around the globe! Which country are you using Olaplex in? 🌎💚

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♡ 5459 ✍ 5 @letslo @letslo 👗Meninas, morrendo de amores nos looks que vi no instagram da @lesto uma loja online 🔝, cheia de looks lindos.O atendimento é ótimo e Eles entregam para todo Brasil. @letslo @letslo