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• D U S T To D I A M O N DS • \n• Studying & Teaching Deen is what we Live for • \n• YOUTUBE: Dust To Diamonds Da\'wah •\n• SC:D2D-VLOG •\n• New video! 👇🏼

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♡ 75 ✍ 2 Here it is ladies! We've been waiting on this! The official poster for the Dust To Diamonds sisters retreat & Beach Mawlid is here. A few points everyone needs to know: • Please email to register your place asap as there are limited places for the stay over (questions about the stay over facilities can be emailed to the email address on the poster) Please let us know how many women, children & men. • There will be space for mehrems to stay in the men's section downstairs. We have arranged for a men's gathering to take place Saturday evening in the mosque. (Mehrems will not be on the beach or in any of the women's gatherings) • Sisters who are menstruating can still attend and stay over, as we will be staying in the madrassah/communal hall section. And won't need to enter the actual mosque section for the entire stay. • Sisters will be travelling from many different cities, so those of you arranging a minibus or even have a big car, please let us know if you have space for others to travel with you! • All sisters are meeting at the Mosque for registration Saturday 11.30am and to freshen up/make wudhu before heading off to the beach location together • When you register the rest of the itinerary will be emailed to you • Saturday Dinner and Sunday Breakfast will be provided for. • Those who wish to sponsor or contribute to the cost of the event, your donations would be much appreciated! So please get in touch through email! Please share the information and poster and tag Sisters to get the word out! Thank you for all the support so far! #TheSisterhood #DustToDiamonds #Deen And keep updated with snapchat: D2D-VLOG

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♡ 1626 ✍ 27 Jose Mourinho admits he tried to sign Morata ahead of Lukaku. 😉 ・・・ #BreatheChelsea #CFC #ChelseaFC #CFCFamily #KTBFFH #Carefree #PremierLeague #EPL #RealMadrid #AlvaroMorata

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♡ 5563 ✍ 54 We drove all day through the highlands to photograph this particular green mountain, which is surrounded by miles and miles of black sand. Moments after we arrived, the storm engulfed us, leaving the mountain invisible. We took shelter for the night in a nearby trekkers cabin, with hopes to catch another glimpse the next morning..