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So many dogs abandoned in shelters everyday! 💔 But together👭👫🐕we can save them all!!!🐶🐕❤🏡 Mom & daughter team. 👭💕 Stand for all animals! 💗

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♡ 55 ✍ 1 TRANSPORT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! 🙏 ❤ 🐾 🏠 @Regrann from @highwayheroesrescuetransport - *** HEROES NEEDED MAR 11-12, 2017 (MO-KS-CO) **** Please go to the Highway Heroes Rescue Transport Facebook Group or the HHRT Coordinator Facebook page to sign up! Leg 1: West Plains, MO to Seymour, MO 8:00 AM CST - 9:15 AM CST (SAT) 1 h 15 min (75 miles) Leg 2: Seymour, MO to Bolivar, MO 9:25 AM CST - 10:35 AM CST (SAT) 1 h 10 min (67 miles) Leg 3: Bolivar, MO to Clinton, MO 10:45 AM CST - 11:45 AM CST (SAT) 1 h (60 miles) Leg 4: Clinton, MO to Kansas City, KS 12:00 PM CST - 1:15 PM CST (SAT) 1 h 15 min (80 miles) Leg 5: Kansas City, KS to Topeka, KS 1:25 PM CST - 2:25 PM CST (SAT) 1 h (62 miles) Leg 6: Topeka, KS to Manhattan, KS 2:35 PM CST - 3:35 PM CST (SAT) 1 h (62 miles) Leg 7: Manhatten, KS to Salina, KS 3:45 PM CST - 4:50 PM CST (SAT) 1 h 5 min (68 miles) Leg 8: Salina, KS to Hays, KS 5:00 PM CST - 6:30 PM CST (SAT) 1 h 30 min (95 miles) Leg 9: Hays, KS to Oakley, KS 6:40 PM CST - 8:00 PM CST (SAT) 1 h 20 min (85 miles) Leg 10: OVERNIGHT in OAKLEY, KS area (SAT) Leg 11: Oakley, KS to Burlington, CO 9:00 AM CST - 9:20 AM MST (SUN) ***NOTE TIME ZONE CHANGE*** 1 h 20 min (85 miles) Leg 12: Burlington, CO to Limon, CO 9:30 AM MST - 10:45 AM MST (SUN) 1 h 15 min (77 miles) Leg 13: Limon, CO to Peyton, CO 10:55 AM MST - 11:55 AM MST (SUN) 1 h (53 miles) #highwayheroesrescuetransport #volunteertoday #rescuedogsofinstagram #paintedpawsforveterans #transporterssavelives #Regrann

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♡ 131 ✍ 15 💔💔😭LOVING HOME NEEDED! 🙏 ❤ 🐾 🏠 @Regrann from @adopt_rescue_love_pets - #Repost @maryanns.animal.rescue.dream with @repostapp ・・・ Please share.🙏 Donations needed. Poor baby.😢 #Rp @catapultanimallove @kyriah124 ・・・ 🆘🙏🆘🙏🆘🙏🆘🙏🆘🙏#Rp @athena_lisa_kraemer ・・・ If you don't think this human deserves to die, you are heartless. 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 @helping_animals18:#Repost @dallasdogrrr with @repostapp Meet "DIVA" ❤ she has no idea what it is like to be loved and cared for by a decent family. Divas life of neglect and suffering ends today! She no longer will be kept captive and will be afforded the luxuries in life she deserves. She will finally know what it is like to be able to have a meal and not depend on finding leftover scraps of trash on the streets for food. She will have a warm bed and get to know what love really is. Diva as you can tell will need to be seen by the veterinarian for obvious reasons and will need to be on a prescribed veterinarian diet as well. Please consider helping Diva as she transitions to her new life and helping her become the Diva she was meant to be! Donations for her care can be made to Please considering fostering as well email at #dallasdogrrr #adoptdontshop #fosteringsaveslives #fostersneeded #doglivesmatter #adorable #pawfect #furbaby #dallasdoglife #rescued #rescuedogsofinstagram #dallas #texasdogs #dogstagram #puppygram #barkpost #dfw #dallasdogs #dogrescuesofig #fostersaveslives #adoptme  #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #Regrann

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♡ 111 ✍ 7 LOVING HOME NEEDED! 🙏 ❤ 🐾 🏠 #dogsforadoption #petfinder #adoptdontshop #savetheunwanted @Regrann from @northcentralshelter - Sharing again for SWEET BOY, BANDIT #A1446527. PLEASE SHARE his photo collage or previous video post! 💗 Get ready to have your heart stolen! A 7 year old neutered male who weighs about 52 pounds, Bandit, is hoping for nothing less! This poor boy came into the shelter as an owner surrender after his owners lost their home. We hate when that happens—particularly after being with one family his whole life! Bandit LOVES people, as he leans in for affection and really wants to connect! His former owners shared that Bandit was good with company-- which makes perfect sense to us! However, they stated he was not such a big fan of other dogs. From what we can tell, Bandit may not have been given the attention he longs for and we suspect a little training will go a long way with this GENTLE boy. And perhaps he may be okay with other dogs if integrated into a home and introductions are done properly. Please consider giving Bandit a second chance at a forever home! Bandit has been at the shelter since 04/09/16- NEARLY 11 MONTHS - much too long for this lovable boy! 💕 All North Central animals come spayed/neutered, microchipped and current on all their shots (including rabies). North Central LA City shelter; 3201 Lacy St., Los Angeles, CA; 213­485­-5767. #savealifeadopt #adoptme #adoptabledog #happydoghappylife #losangelesdogs #laadopt #adorabull #pittiesmile #blueboy #tongueout #shelterdogsrock #adoptdontshop #adoptlove #loveknowsnobreed #saveashelterdog #startastoryadopt #theirlivesmatter #Regrann

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♡ 1305 ✍ 6 Символическое вбрасывание перед первым матчем плей-офф в Пекине – легендарные Сергей Мозякин, Майк Кинэн, Бобби Карпентер и Фил Эспозито, преседатель Совета учредителей китайского клуба Чжао Сяою и капитан «Куньлунь РС» Янне Яласваара.

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♡ 266 ✍ 1 Namjoon:"Well guess who's getting less lines Now..."

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♡ 11600 ✍ 56 Ada reward jutaan Rupiah bagi para juara :D . Tertarik pasti kan, langsung aja cus informasi syarat dan ketentuannya di :D . LINK CEK BIO @DAGELANWEB #dagelan

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♡ 16 ✍ 0 Meu Companheiro ❤️

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♡ 97 ✍ 3 - M O N D A Y There's a pretty huge list of 'core' exercises you should have a hoon on before you resort to dusty old sit-ups, and asymmetric carries are a long way up that list. A heavy single armed farmers walk will light your trunk up like the 5th of November whilst also taxing your grip, traps, delts, legs and lungs. Throw some in tonight and see for yourself. ✌🏻 - 📷 @maximuscle

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♡ 26 ✍ 2 This is a limited edition ink from a few years ago. The pen is a favorite that I don't use often enough. Paper is cheap tracing paper. . . . #fountainpen #fountainpenink #sailor #rohrerandklingner #ink #inkgirl #sailor1911 #handwriting #lefty #officesupplies #stationery #stationeryaddict #pen #penaddict #blueblack

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♡ 140 ✍ 1 Credit to @robertogasperitattoo : HEALED || GUARITO Done 7 months ago Powered by: ◾Fusion Ink ◾Ink Mania Pro Team ◾Bala Tattoo Machines ◾Tattoomed Benelux ◾Pro T-Ink #inkmania #inkmania2017 #inkmaniatattooconvention #inkmaniaproteam #fusionink #fusiontattooink #fusionfamily #balamachines #tattoomed_benelux #protink #proteamprotink #evo10 #evo24 #tattooworkstation #tattoopalette #tattoosetup

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♡ 18298 ✍ 221 Cinta emang buta :D repost @akuorapopo_ #DagelanExpandingBrain #dagelan

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♡ 52 ✍ 3 لايك ربي يسعدكم ❤ منقول للفايده 🌸 . . لاتفوتك تخفيضات دامقا الكبرى لأول مره ،، تخفيض على جميع أزياء دامقا اكثر من ٣٦ موديل ،، من ٤٠٠ ريال فقط لفترة محدوده ،، متوفره جميع المقاسات .. للطلب على الواتس اب 0550507579 🔆@damga_1 🔆@damga_1 🔆@damga_1

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♡ 19 ✍ 0 Haftanın İlk Gününden Günaydın! 😘💑😛🍀💐 #günaydın #pazartesi #haftabaşı

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♡ 32 ✍ 0 Makanan wajib bila smpi Melaka.. 🍦

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♡ 32 ✍ 0 #สารวัตรแม่ลูกอ่อน #Sarawadmaelukonch7 #Mongkolkanlakorn #ch7 #ch7dramasociety

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♡ 21 ✍ 1 New Arrivals #edun #pre17collection 🆕🔛 @edun . #레어마켓 #raremarket #seoul #korea @raremarket_official