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🏄🏽 Hi ➡️LV 🎲 5'11 NASM Certified Personal Trainer Online Coach 👻tmh56

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♡ 215✍7 2014 kayaking to Na Mokulua was a blast! Might have to plan a trip back home this summer! #wheresKunu #KunuJumpedOffTheHighPoint #notus

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♡ 158✍5 Celebrating my boy Kevin's birthday at Marquee last night! If you need a great dentist in Vegas Kev's your man!

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♡ 168✍9 Happy National Puppy Day Chubbz 🙂

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♡ 223✍14 4 week mini cut is done. Dropped 7-8lbs definitely could of been a lot better if I didn't go out so much but hey why get in shape if you don't have fun 😅. Now I'm ready to enjoy summer pool side 😏.

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♡ 184✍4 1oak 5yr Anniversary with the homies

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♡ 217✍19 Worst mini cut ever because of too much drinking but in 3 weeks I still hit my lowest weight in over 5 years 173.2 this morning 😆. I'll cut for a couple more weeks to get my "summer bod" than lean bulking as usual. Check out my YouTube for tips on working out 🙃

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♡ 222✍18 Tried something new and out of my comfort zone today, thanks for the invite 🙃 @jennilatte @first_born_photography

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♡ 117✍5 Bench session with @jay_yamagata didn't go as planned, struggled for a double at 280lbs at bw 177lbs. But it's okay we just need to revamp and re-plan. For me it's still a PR at this weight so at the end of the day it's a win 🙃.

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♡ 224✍10 Hakkasan because @koa_bellum is in back in town! The boys came out @csizemoreee @bradley_lords @dkel44 @dallyhally

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♡ 160✍21 This was my last bench press session of 2017 and it was a good one 275lbs 5x2 at 177lb bw. 2016 was a rough year for my knees and back so I'll be focusing on just lean bulking with not a ton of strength goals this year. Just looking for progress.

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♡ 132✍11 Pull Workout+Arms learning how to use IMovie past few days 🙃. I'm focusing on bringing up my arms at the moment so I'm adding in quite a bit of sets throughout the week. Not too shabby for a guy who started lifting weights with 9" guns 😬

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♡ 159✍15 270lbs 5x2 at bodyweight 177lbs. Felt pretty good and is the heaviest I've worked with ever so that's a PR. 85% of what I estimate my training max to be. This is my last set.

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♡ 237✍17 Around 178-179 currently looking to gain about 1lb a month till summer. Than I'll do a mini cut to clean it up maybe get to 170 or so. #leanbulk #drugfree #fitnessjourney #naturalmuscle #skinnyfatproblems #vegas #eos #personaltrainer #fitness #gym #bodybuilding #asian #fitfam #lvac

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♡ 131✍3 Supporting my boy @bradley_lords at his Physique show with @ash_armand

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♡ 163✍0 Dinner at Alder&Birch at the Orleans with my Aunty Teri and Uncle Joey. The steak was amazing!

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