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♡ 167 ✍ 1 Good friends, good times, and good coffee! 😍❤️ Stop by Bikini Beans today and create fun memories with us! 🤗 Don't forget we have new drinks as well! Try the Strawberry Acai Refresher and the Citrus Mint Refresher! 😛 #bikinibeansespresso #bikinibeans #coffee #fun #love #girls #bikinibaristas

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♡ 28 ✍ 0 Dags att lämna Eminems hemstad Detroit för Canada nu! Det blev tunnel som går under "floden" som kopplar lake Saint Claire till lake Erie. Allt e på franska nu :) lite konstigt men jag kommer att vänja mig till det 🙄 #usaroadtrip2017boudet

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♡ 240 ✍ 6 Those smiles 🙌😍 @thesimplefolk_ so gorgeous ☺️Indi looks amazing in her Charcoal cord pinny layered beautifully for winter! And twinning in Tan Williamsburg boots has never looked so good!! Xx Rosie @hubbleandduke #hubbleandduke

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♡ 3555 ✍ 13 Jubileeeeeeeeeee makes me happy💙💙💙💙💙💙

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♡ 15 ✍ 0 Konserden👏😍👑🌟 #new #yeni #ebrugündeş #konser #antalya #egfc -d

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♡ 723 ✍ 20 Quando você tá na lanchonete e avista um CRUSHinho no grau 😏😂#TBT #ThrowBackThursday #CocaCola

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♡ 93 ✍ 1 Out buddy Roger from @purchasestreetrecords has Lucky Thibeault's OG 1928 wall of death bike... if you don't know do your research!

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♡ 61 ✍ 0 FAITH DENIM A-LINE DRESS . . . . (( MODEL WEARING 1X)) . . . SIZE 1X 2X 3X . . . COLORS BLACK BLUE . . WWW.CURVACEOUSBOUTIQUE.COM & IN STORE . . . #curvaceousboutique #curvaceouscutie #runwayready #plussize #plussizeboutique #fashionista #hamptonroads #virginia #curvaceousboutique #curvaceouscutie #runwayready #everydayismyrunway #appreciateyourcurves #bbbg #celebratemysize

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♡ 392 ✍ 0 #全家店到店免運 #特價2580 NEW BALANCE 247 復古 休閒鞋 灰白(MRL247GW) 尺寸:26cm 26.5cm 27cm 27.5cm 28cm 28.5cm 29.5cm 訂價:3250 售價:2580 (寄全家可享免運,寄7-11+80運) 請使用line 客服下單 ID: @eddie_oy(前面ㄧ定要加@) ⭕️只有先匯款寄出 ❌沒有貨到付款 ❌沒有代碼繳費 ❌沒有面交 「可以接受再來私訊謝謝您🙏🙏」 #nienyin0721

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♡ 45 ✍ 0 Ah correr se ha dicho 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻💪🏻🎶

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♡ 1307 ✍ 8 Señor Maradona, usted es diabolico.

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♡ 198 ✍ 3 A Whole herd of #ironbullslinger all leathered with Fence Post Beads, going back to @ironbullslinger then on to @knifecenter #ironbullslinger #knifecenter #hellgnomeworldwide

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♡ 16 ✍ 1 🙏🏼Been up all night trying to have this fix !!!! So sorry to you babes who's been trying ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you can now check out successfully and if you need anything just reach out to us 😘😘 love you !!!

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♡ 52 ✍ 6 No hay palabras para agradecer a Dios por mis AMIGOS, no se qué sería de mis dias sin ellos, graciass a cada uno por los momentos compartidos, por las charlas, por el aguante en esta vida agetreada que elegí y me entienden y me ayudan a ser mejor persona y mucho mas felíz. Los quiero con el alma, feliz día HERMANOS!!!

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♡ 503 ✍ 0 #全家店到店免運 #特價2980 NIKE SOCK DART SE PREMIUM 羊毛黑灰(859553-001) 尺寸: 23cm 23.5cm 24cm 25cm 26cm 27cm 28cm 版型建議: 「偏小 27cm 27.5cm要買28cm,以此類推」 訂價:4000 售價:2980 (寄全家可享免運,寄7-11+80運) 請使用line 客服下單 ID: @eddie_oy(前面ㄧ定要加@) ⭕️只有先匯款寄出 ❌沒有貨到付款 ❌沒有代碼繳費 ❌沒有面交 「可以接受再來私訊謝謝您🙏🙏」 #nienyin0721

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♡ 475 ✍ 0 #全家店到店免運 #特價3280 ADIDAS TUBULAR SHADOW W 墨綠 粉標(BB8869) 尺寸: 24cm 25cm 訂價:3890(門市無折扣) 售價:3280 (寄全家可享免運,寄7-11+80運) 請使用line 客服下單 ID: @eddie_oy(前面ㄧ定要加@) 『『無法面交跟貨到付款可以接受再私訊🙇🏻🙇🏻』』 #nienyin0721

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♡ 653 ✍ 7 Beach vibes 🌴

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♡ 130 ✍ 0 3 weeks ago. Can't believe it. RIP. ❤️

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♡ 5516 ✍ 72 Little marshmallow to brighten your day #babytheo #tbt