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Educator, Musician🎶, DIY loc stylist🙌🏾, (FB: joysjourneys) Nail art enthusiast💅🏾, Free-thinker, Newlywed💍 @andreandjoy

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♡ 92 ✍ 0 😉 healthy eating by @fitnessgourmetph 😘 #fitnessgourmetph

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♡ 93 ✍ 1 รถติดมากกก อย่าอารมณ์เสีย อย่าเหวี่ยง บอกตัวเอง😅

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♡ 8748 ✍ 149 SWIPE! to see my before and after photos using my FAVORITE @lovingtanofficial! the most natural, non streaky looking self tanner i've ever used! 😍 feeling back to myself after some rainy days here have delayed my tanning! use code: 'Brielle' at to get a free applicator mitt which is essential to applying your self tanner! the color i used is ultra dark. xo! #lovingtan #ad

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♡ 786 ✍ 4 #chuu #핫팬츠 많이 찾으시죵! 요 아이는 밋밋하지 않게 밑단 프린지로 포인트를 준 데미지 데님 팬츠에욤☺️#성경픽 엄청 예쁜 가격 9,800원에 업뎃되었어요! 주문폭주중이니 서둘러주시와요😘

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♡ 318 ✍ 15 Inhale the skunt, and exhale it same time. You will always meet fake people in your life. Always know it's a lesson to learn. #woosah #puff #guyana #guyanese #district #edit #fuckafakefriend

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♡ 168 ✍ 10 Mira mi video 🔥en @videonuevodescargalo @videonuevodescargalo @videonuevodescargalo @videonuevodescargalo

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♡ 194 ✍ 2 บุญนั้นฉลาด...เขาจะแสดงผลเมื่อถึงเวลาอันสมควร🌤อย่าเพิ่งนึกว่าทำดี ไม่ได้ดี หรือบุญนั้นไม่มีอยู่จริง(อ.นารี จิตหนึ่งซึ่งหยั่งรู้).....สวัสดีวันพระ😇25-28นี้เจอกันศูนย์สิริกิตนะคะ✌🏼✌🏼

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♡ 91 ✍ 2 Every time I see a colorful wall 🤷🏻‍♀️

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♡ 46 ✍ 0 Don't stress. Do your best. Forget the rest. #PauloAvelino #PaunaticsOfficial #MP

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♡ 27 ✍ 1 We're so excited to be rolling out our new menu today! 👌 Come down and try some of our new dishes, you'll be sure to find a favourite!🍴 #thecarro #surryhills #newmenu #sydney

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♡ 1036 ✍ 0 ❤️New Balance com 30% off para você presentear que Ama❤️ Dia dos Namorados Needows❤️Surpreenda quem você Ama!!!#vempraneedows #needows #newbalance #tenis #uberlandia #moda #multimarcas #importados

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♡ 82 ✍ 4 Day 7 - last we stayed in Pagosa Springs, Co and soaked in natural hot springs. The "Mother Spring" that feeds these tubs is the deepest geothermal spring in the world. The name Pagosa translates to "Healing Waters that Stink" .. HA! It's true, Google that shit. #ontherunstour @secretofmyshuckcess #thiscarneedsadeepclean #ijustateatsubway #ontherunstour #roadtrip2017 #fucktrump

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♡ 58 ✍ 1 レンジで豚しゃぶ麺

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♡ 50577 ✍ 333 Pose expresi Gigit Gigit Gigit Gigit 🤣 @gigieatcake 🍰❤️

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♡ 2 ✍ 0 Consejos de #ingridmacher para reemplazar el uso del azúcar y los endulzantes.