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♡ 74 ✍ 0 Tod checks to see if it's raining, at Wildroots Homestead in North Carolina

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♡ 592 ✍ 25 grey days // #sandiego.

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♡ 92 ✍ 4 Goodnight Kiss.........💋 #sleeptight #embraceyourdreams #muahhh

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♡ 3 ✍ 1 Awesome deal to grab! Score this THZY 4 inch Mini Projector Only $59.49 SHIPPED!✔Direct link to grab is in the picture above, type it in your browser to pull up instantly, you can also click to the main page of the blog link in bio @savingwithvetta to see all deals, older deals will not be on the main page which is why the direct info is in each pic

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♡ 55 ✍ 0 3abo

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♡ 392 ✍ 1 다른사람들 좋은일은 왜 이렇게 많을까 #짝짝짝 #부러워서그런가

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♡ 3517 ✍ 22 Homemade Tagliolini with Black Truffle from @serafinanewyork is a pure love🍝❤️ 📷@jeaniuseats 📍@serafinanewyork _ 👉Serafina Tribeca 95 W Broadway, New York, NY 10007 _ 👉 FOLLOW THE AMAZING RESTAURANT @SERAFINANEWYORK _ #bestfoodworld 👉CONTACT US FOR THE BEST MARKETING BUSINESS📧 BESTFOODAROUNDTHEWORLD@GMAIL.COM 👇TAG YOUR FRIENDS👇

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♡ 362 ✍ 2 "Bana Bir Sevda Geldi,, Başımdan Savabilmem..." @ibrahimtatlises #ibrahimtatlıses #ibrahimtatlıses #tatlises_ibo #ibo #ibrahim #imparator #tatlises #tatlıses #iboshow #music #müzik #turku#türkü #singer

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♡ 60 ✍ 2 It's almost been a month since I was at home and I miss it 😢 But I have to work cause money rules the world and unfortunately I don't have anybody who gives me money just for existing (yet) 😂 #nofiler #home #mühlviertel #countrygirl

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♡ 148 ✍ 2 So proud of my daughter.. PROUD DAD MOMENT.. GOING TO A NEW SCHOOL.. My 5th grader.. COUNTY GIRL

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♡ 179 ✍ 1 Essa é a mega estrutura da arena de shows da @vaquejadadeserrinhaoficial ... é shooooow!! Serrinha Ba aguarda você pra fazer a festa junto c a vaqueirama brasileira!! De 07 a 10 de setembro, final do Circuito Otto Alencar de Vaquejada... #abreaporteira #vaquejadalegal #vaquejada #vaqueiro #circuitoottoalencar @lucasserraaaa @julianalima10 @vaqueirama @egilsonteles

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♡ 9 ✍ 0 Hahahha @julesbeliavski @witness.drea I fukn can't lol @metttyg @sophdhaliwal