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Raised on a dairy farm in SE Ky. Loving life as a Mary Kay NSD. Balancing faith, family & career in an entrepreneurial business. #mymklife

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♡ 494 ✍ 12 Tonight I dedicate my post to the women of my personal MK unit, LINDA'S LACE AND LIGHTNING founded in October 1983. They have ordered and sold over $30,000,000 in the past 35 years. (With a chargeback rate of under $5000 whl a year) With 6 weeks remaining in our Seminar year they just crossed the prestigious $1,000,000 mark. We have only missed that goal once since 1997. This week Cindy Williams and I were discussing our deep and personal relationships with the women who make up our base units. She said...." Not only did we spend our life with them but we sometimes slept in their 2 year olds' beds." :-) Directors at my Boot Camps, consultants at workshops and perfect strangers sometimes often ask how do you create this kind of organization? It's a combination of vision, belief, systems that give the members safety and security and personal relationships. Countless visits to their towns, their homes, conversations in car rides to workshops and truly caring about them FIRST as a person then as a team member. Don't misunderstand I am not talking about being a therapist, I am talking about believing in a women before she believes in herself and taking her to the next level in her mind. I would like to honor 3 consultants in my unit who also help me manage and lead this powerful group of women by connecting with them in some form or fashion every day. Laura Wells in charge of celebrations both on Social Media and Voxer. Jodi Webb in charge of weekly accomplishment sheets and awards. And last but not least Karen Brunner who pretty much runs my unit. Tons and Tons of both live and mass communication. I am blessed to have surrounded myself with such amazing people as all the women who make up Lace and Lightning. I love and adore you. Linda Toupin #mymklife

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♡ 38 ✍ 2 Felicidades Angie!! Espectaculares resultados๐Ÿ’ช๐ŸปUna mujer sin excusas๐Ÿ˜‰ #mamรกs Nuestra Asesoria incluye: โœ…Plan de Alimentacion y guia Nutricional Semanal. โœ…Seguimiento constante. โœ…Coach Personal las 24/7 Online y grupo de soporte por Whastapp โœ…Rutinas de Ejercios faciles y practicos para hacer en Casa โœ… Los productos debes adquirirlos!!!

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♡ 11269 ✍ 1341 Thank you to everyone .. bottom line is I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for everyone from my parents to the person who just followed me an hour ago! I'm humbled to be on this months cover of @entrepreneur .. tag your favorite #entrepreneur in your life โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ