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Fitness celebrity, Director, Artistic Director Norwalk Wall St Theatre, Creator Dance It Out簧 & Co Owner-MoveTube & Blanks Studios

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♡ 821 ✍ 134 Que dicen mis BUDUSAS ???? Jajajajaj cuando esto les pasa que les provoca hacernos ???? Jajajajjaja

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♡ 4 ✍ 0 #鉆鉊鉊鉊晤葵鉆鉊丞萼鉊鉊耜腦鉊抉葭 #鉊鉊耜腦鉊鉊毯鉊丞葩鉊鉊毯鉊徇萵鉊抉鉊 #villwannarot #seanjindachot #鉊鉆鉊冢one31 #鉊丞萼鉊鉊鉊鉊菽鉊嫩鉊菽鉊鉆鉊冢one31

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♡ 278 ✍ 1 Swipe through for a closer look at some of the new @fendi accessories shown at #mfw this morning. Logomania is back in full swing!

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♡ 870 ✍ 3 "Be gentle with me. I am more delicate than I look." #Repost @stevenchee 颯颯 O L I V I A @oliviaedit for @grazia_au Stylist @charliestokes H&M @aimiefiebig. #poetrycommunity #vitacouture #vitacouture

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♡ 156 ✍ 1 Sengilchukahamida CHEN毋 - @real__pcy @baekhyunee_exo @oohsehun @zyxzjs - TAG YOUR FRIENDS Please like previous posts - #exo #exok #exom #exol #weareone #weareexo #exominevids #fangirl #kpop #korean #kpopshoutout #DO #kyungsoo #kai #chanyeol #baekhyun #chen #xiumin #suho #lay #sehun #tao #kris #luhan #sment

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♡ 563 ✍ 10 "Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point." -C.S. Lewis #havecourageandbekind #cslewis #tb

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♡ 42 ✍ 2 muito estilo

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♡ 796 ✍ 5 O pr籀ximo fim de semana do #RockInRio vem a穩 e com ele muitos looks apimentados. Vai no maior festival de m繳sica do mundo? Ent瓊o n瓊o esque癟a de nos marcar em suas fotos #ComChilli.#RockInRioChilli

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♡ 240 ✍ 9 This plaid shirt has been restocked in all colors and sizes! It sold out in lightning speed last time I posted this, so grab what you want while you can! I plan to wear it as a tunic with leggings (its the perfect length!) and booties Shop this look on the app [ ] #liketkit #LTKstyletip

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♡ 29 ✍ 1 Victoire is taking over @shopify's Snapchat today guys!! Come follow along! Currently, I am posting about my morning ritual visit to Macarons et Madeleines and wondering which breakfast treat is least likely to screw up my lipstick. We'll *probably* start talking about actual business stuff soon, but no guarantees. But regardless it'll be a fun time!! by @kenyajade

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♡ 44 ✍ 0 Now on deck hmu asap $199.99 #westillworkinyastilljerkin

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♡ 13 ✍ 1 Sunset

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♡ 20 ✍ 0 [SUPER PROMO] 休 R$ 50 vista em esp矇cie ou transfer礙ncia R$ 55 no cart瓊o em 3x sem juros

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