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♡ 16✍0 ICYMI: @erikcopes4 led his team to a very important victory putting up 27 pts, 9 rebs, and 1 block last game! Copes also had the play of the game. Down by 3, with less than 10 seconds remaining, Copes brought down an offensive rebound and fought through a foul for the putback. Copes made the ensuing free throw to complete the 3-point play and send the game to OT. Great game! #VQFam

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♡ 17✍0 @skyrodrigo going "wey" up for the dunk in their last game. 😉 It was a must win situation and Sky stepped up and posted 26 pts, 11 boards and 4 steals. The final game is Saturday vs the Kaohsiung Truth . A win gives them a shot at sneaking into the playoffs. Do work! #VQFam

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♡ 17✍1 #Repost Congrats Erik! #bigthingscomin #VQFam ・・・ It's been my pleasure to have worked with @joedavis4 over @visionquestagency and @e.thuring on helping land @erikcopes4 a job in Paraguay good luck big fellow! 🇵🇾 🏀📃🖊

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♡ 12✍1 Congrats to Angelo Chol and Illiabum Clube for their MASSIVE win over league leaders, Benfica, this weekend! Chol has really come into his own in Portugal, and is averaging 9.6 pts, and 6 rebs after 16 games. #VQFam

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♡ 27✍1 Angelo Chol's training this off-season is paying off in a big way for Illiabum Clube (cc: @eliteballerspt). After 4 games he is averaging 12 pts on 62.5% shooting, 5.5 rebs, and 2.3 blks! 🍽️🏀#VQFam

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♡ 10✍1 Congrats to @Justin_Case24 (Percy Gibson) on helping his new team win the Copa Castilla y Leon!! This is just the beginning though! 💹💹

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♡ 12✍0 @aanderson0 went OFF last round for 24pts, 8 rebs, 8 ast, and 3 steals and earned a well deserved player of the week honors. Congrats man! 💹 #VQFam

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♡ 17✍0 #Repost @matthewgivens Angelo Chol showin off his passing skills and post moves! Great work. @visionquestagency #VQFam Congrats on a great Worldwide Invitational, Angelo!

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♡ 18✍0 Check out the new VQ snap back that debuted at the MIA pro day! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #NewSwag

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♡ 10✍1 @kearn_iii about to throw it down at the @elite_skills_training Pro-Day! #VQFam 💪

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♡ 17✍0 Successful day at the @elite_skills_training day! #Squad #VQFam

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♡ 9✍0 Skylar Spencer throwin down the 🔨 #EliteSkillsTraining #ProDay

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♡ 3✍0 Awesome Pro-Day thus far. Top class.

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♡ 67 ✍ 8 For Sale : Volk TE37rt - Mag Blue. Wheels used for about 1k miles. No curbs or scratches. 18x9.5 +21 & 18x10.5 +18. Asking $2800 obo #forsale #volk #magblue #te37 #newvolks #bmw #e46 #e90 #e92

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♡ 82 ✍ 4 It's sooo much easier said than done. But you've just got to fucking do it. When you're 100 years old on your deathbed would you rather regret never taking action or would you rather think "This shit was hard as hell and I've had my heart broken many times but I'm a fucking champ for giving it a go." ⚘

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♡ 139 ✍ 5 Something about being in the streets, soaking up all the life... it gives me an unbelievable high. & for that I'll never put my camera down.

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♡ 1704 ✍ 20 last night 🌟 #ootn romper & shoes from @missguided 💞

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♡ 70 ✍ 0 EYOF'ta 200m Kurbağalamada Demirkan Demir ikinci oldu ve gümüş madalya kazandı. Demirkan ikinci madalyasını aldı. Tebrikler! 🥈🇹🇷👏🏼 #olimpikgeleceğimiz

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♡ 76 ✍ 1 The light before the #storm, the scent in the air, the electricity... just waw! 🤘🏻

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♡ 485 ✍ 1 💗💞 #theades2017 👗 @dohertyready2wear 💄 @lolaessentials

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♡ 585 ✍ 5 Because preppy is for everyone.👏 #GANTbaby #babyclothes

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♡ 4041 ✍ 52 Foto #pretoebranco 🖤📸

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♡ 32 ✍ 1 ⛅️Always channeling tropical vibes during July regardless of the forecast ⛅️ #oreliajewellery #jewellery #necklaces

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♡ 93 ✍ 2 "Portami dove mi devi portare Africa, Asia o nel primo locale fammi vedere che cosa vuol dire partire davvero ..." 💦🔥🌎🎧✈️🙋🏻

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♡ 2 ✍ 0 We're going to call this one #VeryBerry 😍🍓🍓 @garnierusa

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♡ 0 ✍ 0 New!!!! Off shoulder to the sea เสื้อเกาะอกแขนแยก เย็บติดกันกับตัว งานผ้าดีมากๆใส่สบายมากๆ เหมาะไปทะเลสุดๆ ผ้าลายดอกสวยมากๆ สม้อคอก งานน่ารักมากๆค่า Freesize อกก่อนยืด26"/ยืดได้ถึง48" ยาว18" 2สี แดง กรม 490

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♡ 6 ✍ 0 Сумка Celine micro luggage, 26x26x14, пыльник, карта, есть царапины, стоила 146500₽, продаю за 63.000 ☎️89097777782

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♡ 413 ✍ 0 🇮🇷🆕 ⭐️٦.٦ / ١٠ ترك جديد "Payam3ar" به نام #تغيير منتشر شد و در سايت و کانال تلگرام رپ تاپ تن قرار گرفت. لينك دانلود : برای گوش كردن▶️ و دانلود آهنگ📥 و همچنین برای دریافت تمامی مطالب کانال📲 عضو شوید. 👈برای عضویت در کانال لينك داخل بیوگرافی پیج رو باز کرده و سپس جوين (Join) رو بزنيد.

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♡ 76 ✍ 0 Campanario De la Iglesia de Sanara Rosa. #QueHacemosLara 📷@rodolfopimentelv

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♡ 381 ✍ 1 💑 #Novkay2017 Event planner @468events Photog @seven3studios