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♡ 195 ✍ 30 please keep me anonymous,I've known my bf for like 6 years,we were friends on facebook,but we never saw cos he was based in another state while I was based in Lagos,so this year I got posted to another state (I'm a corper,don't wanna mention the state cos he might read this),he had a job in that state too so he was lodged in a hotel by his clients,we planned on seeing so I went to his local government to spend a weekend,was supposed to sleep at my friend's but she travelled (his local government his like 4 hours from mine) so I had to spend d weekend with him,and we had sex that night which I deeply regret cos that is unlike me,very much unlike me....I thought it was going to be a fling,cos we were not dating,was not used to sleeping with a guy before dating,used to the traditional dating for a while,then sex, so didn't know what to expect.but he convinced me to start dating him,I was skeptical,but I started dating him, the thing now is,he is great,whenever we are together,he treats me like a princess,he even met my mother,I introduced him as my friend but he was acting like a fiancé,telling her he would be visiting more often and shit....the thing is, if we are not together,he doesn't call or text,I av to make the first move... I've tried to break up with him a lot of times cos of this issue cos I believe communication is key in a relationship....but he keeps begging and begging, promises to change and yet he doesnt...I really like him a lot,on a normal day,i would av broken up without looking back,but my friends are always saying I give up on relationships easily and I'm not getting any younger...he introduces me to his friends,his neighbors as his wife but I don't trust that,fuckboy attitude...the thing is I wanna know if I'm overreacting, should I keep holding on,it is making me really insecure....and one other thing,he gives different excuses whenever I suggest we hangout, he prefers hanging out with his friends....I don't even understand this relationship, every time I try to break up he keeps begging P.s. it isn't about the money...cos he doesn't even av much to give

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♡ 258 ✍ 114 I met a 31 years old guy in my town last easter, he's big size while I'm slim and tall. We got talking and exchanged numbers, then got talking, he's very intelligent and matured. Just rounded up with his masters in Texas and Lagos business school. Myself, I'm in my finals but took jamb because I would love to have a 2nd degree in nursing. He was so proud when I told him i was studying for jamb and working on my project at the same time. During my birthday, he drove down from lag and took me to my centre because I wrote my jamb same day.After which we went out, he's so civilised and caring, got me loads of gifts and promised to help me with my 2nd degree because my widowed mum may not be capable as my younger ones are also in sch. Here's the main issue, he wants to settle down, I'm 22 with big dreams, and he seems so interested in my education which actually attracted me to him. I have a boyfriend who's a doctor and totally inlove with me, he's also very serious and got me my jamb form, very decent and a complete package. At a point I got really scared,my mum once advised me to keep my options open when I clock 22, that the one I think i will end up with may end up hurting me. So I tried keeping both but wasn't sleeping with the new guy, he wasn't even interested in sex, he just needs a woman in his life who'll care for him. While studying him, I noticed he's good with words (lies) and he smokes alot, told him i can't deal with it and that my mum won't accept him because my died was an addict and he died at 43 leaving me fatherless at a very young age due to liver dysfunction and all he could say was, "I am me and you're you" we had a heated argument and I told him "I'll be a cursed child to accept him" knowing the stress my mum is going through alone as a single parent. I know I went off the hook, was pissed he knew he was trading a wrong path yet unrepentant.i later apologised tho, but right now we don't talk anymore. Please should I let him be and focuse on my life and doctor bf. I scored 231 in jamb and he promised to help me get nursing in university of Benin but right now I don't think he'll help anymore. Pls advise me.

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♡ 935 ✍ 1082 Bom I can't sleep please post asap. I cheated on my husband today,with my boyfriend,and usually he cum inside of me,so today he came over to the house and as soon as we finished making love,my husband drove in. I had to send him out through the back door. But my husband came home horny and from the door he started playing with me,he wanted to go down on me but I refused because I knew that I have not washed of the sperm my boyfriend poured all over me,he kept kissing and pushing me backward,so I just allowed him. Immediately he put his tongue under,I think he tasted Something different,so I noticed he quickly withdrew his mouth. I immediately tried to distract him with a kiss,and started kissing him deeply to shut him up. I decided to ride him and be on top so he does not notice anything,but another bad luck happened . As I just sat on my husband manhood,spearm just dropped from my pussy to his stomach ,I dint really know how to explain it for u all to understand,it was just as if my boyfriend cum was storing one place ,as soon as I just sat on my husband, the sperm just rushed down like rain drops . My husband noticed and asked what was that ?-I told him it was my juice that I am very very horny, he just pushed me aside ,put his finger inside my body,smelt it and asked me , baby are you cheating on me? I replied no. Then he looked at me and pushed me away,backed me and slept off .How to I convince him now that it was my juice, how do I defend this ? What if he asks the gate man if anyone came around ? Really scared . Pls sharp girls in the house should help Me out .

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♡ 513 ✍ 288 Bom nice work you guys are doing here ,please hide my identity i mate this guy on social media last year is up to a year now,his a very wonderful guy but the problem am having with him is money,the first money he sent to me was after 3months when we mate which I had to beg and pled him and also during my birthday, he told me about the last experience he had with his ex which I understand very well,he said he was dating the girl when he was in Nigeria so when he traveled out of the country she was the first person he sent money to he kept sending money and phone without knowing she has gotten married with another guy so he find out from his sister who saw the girl carrying a baby so he started investigating on the girl he find out that she has been married for over two years,so the experience made him Change ,but I think I love this guy and since I started charting and talking with him I have never cheated on him he want me to keep myself which am doing but I still need money to take care of myself am a young lady he keep calling me his wife telling me how we will build our home together if i tell him to send money to me he will a quarrel even when i had to lie with a serious issue he will tell me he doesn't have money that I should wait until he comes back by December that his willing to give me anything I want, I know I have not seen him but I have feelings for him and I know he has feelings for me too ,so since he doesn't give me money I feel his deceiving me pls I need your advice thanks.

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