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♡ 821 ✍ 631 Bom pls judge this This new girl that moved into our compound,and just bought a new car. Ever since she bought that car,we no longer hear word,she will blast music till we all go deaf. Even at night ,as she is coming back from club,she will start from the gate,pull down her glass and be blasting music ,all the neighbours where complaining but not to her face,like they where all scared of her,this rubbish continued,my son can't even sleep,I spoke to my husband about it but he said I should ignore her,I don't know if it is because she is pretty that no body want to talk to her . So on Saturday she was cleaning her house ,opened the 4car doors and was playing music,my son had falling from the bed because I did not hear him cry due to the music ,I tried so hard to ignore it but the sound was just too much,so I went out to put it off and closed the car doors . This girl came and was warning me I ignored her,and she slapped me ,so I went into d house drop my son,came out and we started fighting. She tore my bra and stripped me naked,I tore her panties too,and her pussy was out,it was a very dirty fight before people came to separate . My husband was sleeping when they woke him up and he came out to see his wives breast out side . They separated us,and warned her not play loud music again. Do you all know that my husband started beating me when I got inside,that I am an embarrassment ,how will I go and fight a young girl that is not my mate , it was very serious that I had to move my things out that night if not for neighbours . Please do you people think he is sleeping with that girl ???

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