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♡ 110 ✍ 0 Umm have you seen my girls?! @sneakyvaunt let’s me get ready in a breeze - stick on, pull the clasp and up the girls go! Seriously can’t even cope right now.. this cleavage is next level. Whether I’m wearing my fave romper or my little sleek dress, you know I’ll be vaunting it! If you don’t have yours yet, better get your order in quick.. this is the summer’s MUST have accessory!

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♡ 171 ✍ 1 Join us Saturday for the @crosstownconcourse Grand Opening celebrations! 🎉See the schedule at the link in our bio & stop by our merch market at Suite 463 for some new swag. #choose901

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♡ 7 ✍ 0 Ibiza night out ✨ @antonioverbenas @alescromanow @leonipiloto 😜😜😜

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♡ 4 ✍ 0 Ostentação de leite 😂😂

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♡ 8 ✍ 0 New Video Alert #Nikikuona @aidaly_Classic Produced by @tytah_tanzania Directed by @director_Kilonzo Link on @aidaly_Classic bio

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♡ 3668 ✍ 38 An excerpt from This Is What Real Love Feels Like. Order from Amazon right now for two day shipping. #sylvestermcnutt

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♡ 278 ✍ 5 @barberconmoscow 👈 @notoriousbarbers & @sharpfade in Moscow, Russia 🇷🇺Don't miss this!!

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♡ 47 ✍ 0 BTS shooting @kerishot yesterday in the Tutti & Frutti blue lagoon 📸 @joshpatil 💅🏼 @rosarinhor #paredeyewear #paredtuttiandfrutti #eyewear #sunglasses

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♡ 8 ✍ 0 17 dias ...

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♡ 227 ✍ 1 One love, one Henne 🏳️‍🌈... our thoughts lay though, with Barcelona x

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♡ 154 ✍ 4 So fun being able to shoot with @hinano_tahiti while we're here in Hawaii🌺🌴 #bts #photoshoot #video #hinanotahiti

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♡ 595 ✍ 0 Stunning mother nature 🌋 📸@pangea #BeExtreme #NoTomorrow #EXTREME #mothernature #vulcano

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♡ 9 ✍ 0 Dra. Silvia Mendoza Oftalmólogo-Retinólogo Con mas de 25 años de experiencia te ofrece distintos servicios oftalmológicos para estar al día con la salud de tus ojos. Para consultas y horarios 0414-424.01.12 #Oftalmologia #Ojos #Retina #Salud #Venezuela

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♡ 295 ✍ 0 @FactBasedFreedom is the best page for 100% factual posts and quotes to back up your arguments for liberty and freedom. No fake news, ever.

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♡ 12705 ✍ 28 hey hey I'm so tired. I've been at work all day

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♡ 29 ✍ 0 جمعة مباركة 💗 .حياكم على الفطور يوم الجمعة من الساعة ٨-١١ صباحاً 💕💕💕

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♡ 42 ✍ 1 Menciona a la merecedora

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♡ 90 ✍ 1 💫🌟💫🌟💫Good Night 💫🌟💫🌟💫 @horst_sandra w naszej "Majorca Maxi Dress ( kolor Czerwona ) dostępny na stronie ZAPRASZAMY NA ZAKUPY #onlinestore #dresstoimpress #sukienka #polishgirl #fashionstylist #maxi #poland #styl #moda #elegancja #kolekcja #uroda #topmodel #yolo #daydress #yolo #daydreaming #summer #lato #spring #wiosna #majowka #maj #maxidress