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Polish girl w/ a natural BIG ASS 💦 Brand Builder 💰motivator DM for paid promo #NOFREENADA 👻 MEETJENNASHEA bookings

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♡ 65 ✍ 6 I think it's time to start working on more of these weedy dream catchers to add to the shop. what colors do you suggest??🤔

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♡ 2 ✍ 0 Calvin Klein CK one Shock For Her EDT 100ml Price RM189 include postage Accept booking with deposit Ready stock malaysia Whatsapp 0132111948 to purchase

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♡ 535 ✍ 15 👪💟

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♡ 1196 ✍ 131 Start the day off right with the cold hard truth 💵

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♡ 16414 ✍ 169 Alright everyone, chill...

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♡ 5787 ✍ 104 الأصدقاء الحقيقيون هُم من تستطيع أن تصبح معهم في قمة غبائك بكل ثقة...

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♡ 39 ✍ 2 When you're in town and you know your amazing chef sister from another mister @kaminipather will take you to an amazing spot for breakfast ☕️☕️☕️. Got nothing but love for you 'Kar-mony'; great things are coming soon 🤗😍🤗 #wcw #womencrushwednesday #womensmonth #womenforwomen

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♡ 297 ✍ 1 thIS IS SO ANNOYING especially bc I work as a cashier and I hear this stuPID noise 5838285 times a day

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♡ 257 ✍ 4 one of the most characteristic tiny town on the coast

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♡ 449 ✍ 4 Stop it ✋🏾@ghdhair Thankyou for the repost 💗 I used the large straighteners to create the waves ・・・ Stunning braids and soft waves 😍 @indialily @effinhair #ghdhair #hairgoals #braids #waves

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♡ 4 ✍ 0 ✨🎉กล่องเพลง Totoro สวย เลอค่า น่าสะสม🔸จาก🇯🇵 พร้อมส่งค่ะ😁💕สนใจสอบถามรายละเอียด&สั่งซื้อสินค้าได้ที่ line:patpalin😊🙏🏻#toystargram #toythailand #ghiblithailand #ghibli #totoro #kikidelivery #totorothailand #dollygipanoghibli

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♡ 107 ✍ 0 الحساب مغلق بسبب المعلومات التي يحتويها 🚫 . . . @beautyof_algeria @beautyof_algeria @beautyof_algeria

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♡ 20 ✍ 0 Love this cold shoulder top! Perfect on the go stylish top! Also available in taupe ❣️

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♡ 71 ✍ 0 . 네타포르테 보고 있는데, 제가 쓰고 있는게 나와서 내친김에 오늘 #시슬리 하나 ㄷ ㅓ! #블랙로즈스킨인퓨전크림 크림을 바르면 수분방울로 텍스처가 변해서 이번여름에 가벼운 느낌으로 잘 쓰구 있어요 #나는밤에피는장미🌹 . . #Sisley #SisleyParis #마이시슬리 #블랙로즈크림 #워터밤 #뷰스타그램 . .

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♡ 48 ✍ 0 #bogarecuerda #Elmomento con @jimenagarcia23 Una representación muy sensual de las mujeres vallecaucanas Agencia: @lmcmodels . . . . . . . #RevistaBOGA #Colombia #Model #tweegram #photooftheday #amazing #instalike #instafollow #instagood #bestoftheday #style #fashion #girly #Sensual #Menmagazine #modeloscolombia

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♡ 2 ✍ 0 Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Essence EDT 100ml Price RM189 include postage Accept booking with deposit Ready Stock Malaysia Whatsapp 0132111948 to purchase

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♡ 7735 ✍ 43 Hello hi so I asked you guys for indie makeup brands but since I am a dumbnut I deleted the post so pls lmk again 😭

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♡ 39 ✍ 1 these mason jar covers are so much fun to create.. available on the site. link to site in bio✌😘💗