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♡ 86 ✍ 9 Preggo brain kicked in last week and I forgot to post this during a reasonable time of night so it has gotten pushed back to Today...Transformation Tuesday. . . Pregnancy is truly the ultimate transformation and each time it is SO different. Earlier today I was asked if I felt I like I am carrying any different. I really didn't think I was but now that I take the time to look back and compare each pregnancy I know that's not true. . . With each of my girls I lost nearly 15 lbs the first trimester. No it wasn't morning sickness or extreme nausea, my stupid PCOS hormones just started responding to food differently. This time I was no where close. I did lose about 5 lbs and had a lot of nausea so I didn't feel like eating. . . Last 2 times I felt like I carried straight forward and high. You can clearly see that's not quite the case this go around. I'm lower, but could that just be the weight? Eh, I have no idea! lol . . Cravings? First two I craved cinnamon. This time, that's tough. I can't think about anything but Blue Bell ice cream. haha Yeah, I know that doesn't help but damn it takes good. . . So let the transformation continue and hopefully this big ole Latin butt of mine won't qualify for its own time zone. But hey...I know when I'm cleared for postpartum exercise I'll have a great nutrition plan and KICKASS workout program to get me back to my comfortable self in no time. . . Cheers to 20 more weeks!!! #mom #momlife #preggwra #20weeks #transformationtuesday #fit #igmoms #fitmoms

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