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♡ 108 ✍ 1 @Regrann from @beardbros_pharms - Somewhere in rural southwest Miami-Dade, Pete Demorejon waits in the doorway of a nondescript greenhouse as a retired Florida Department of Law Enforcement special agent rolls back the gates of two security fences mounted with motion-sensitive cameras. “Usually, no one is allowed in here,” Demorejon, the director of cultivation for Modern Health Concepts, tells a reporter and photographer as they enter the building. “So, welcome." - Wearing a lab coat, hair net and plastic gloves, Demorejon passes through a second door, down a short corridor, and pulls back a heavy, black plastic fabric. Inside is a room full of bushy, seven-foot “mother” marijuana plants, the heart of South Florida’s only above-board marijuana grow house. In full operation for only four months, Modern Health Concepts remains cagey about its business operations. Details about the number of patients served by the company, the amount of medicine it produces, and the size of its cultivation facility are kept private by the Florida Department of Health and remain confidential under company policy. In order to gain access to the company’s Redland greenhouse, the Miami Herald agreed not to disclose its specific location. - CONTINUED IN COMMENTS - @beardbros_pharms - 🌲🌲🔥🔥💨💨 #losangeles #la #california #cannabiscommunity #cannabis #420 #marijuana #youseshwework #real #life #weshouldsmoke #beardbros_pharms  #yourfavoritegrowersfavoritegrower #EndMarijuanaProhibition #thepeoplesgrowers - #regrann

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♡ 11387 ✍ 43 support the arts. go see a friend’s theatre production, buy a piece of artwork you love if you can afford it, tip a street musician who made you stop walking to admire their skills. the arts are so beautiful and under appreciated. please commemorate people for the hard work they show through artwork. as an artist, it’s so easy to become discouraged, so if you have an opportunity to support an arti January 1

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♡ 16 ✍ 0 #Repost @bijustore ・・・ Heyecanla beklenen BİJUSTORE kış indirimi başladı.. 13 Ocak- 29 Ocak tarihleri arasında tüm ürünlerde %30 indirimden yararlanmak için sizleri web sitemize bekliyoruz.! #küpe #kolye #bileklik #bayantakı #love #yüzük #aksesuar #kristal dayaşam #like #instagood #instamood #necklace #jewelery #jewel #fashion #style #trend #gununkaresi #erkektaki January 1

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