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Daily doodles from a singer,songwriter, expat, artist,entrepreneur ✨💖✨ Because we\'re all in this together little human. 📍Bali🌴\n✒️💓🎶💻-

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♡ 107 ✍ 0 In a rare #Repost @misscookandco KNOCKS IT OUT OF THE PARK!! This is why I make doodles & comfy tees- SELF LOVE 💓🙌🏼 ・・・ Love Your Body 101 with Cookie -------------------------------- Over the years, I have railed pretty hard on my body. I have said horrible things to it that I would never say to another living human being. Unspeakable things. I couldn't look in the mirror for many years; I hated it for being soft, round, and NOT PERFECT. I treated my body so poorly, both inside and out: there was no love, no care and no kindness. All I had to give her, were hideous spiteful words and hiding her away under layers of clothes, hoping no one would notice, no one would see how ashamed I was of her. It was a long road to self-love for me, punctuated by many proverbial flat tyres and speed bumps. But now; now I see. This body carries me through this incredible life of mine. It's soft and supple(ish) and capable of amazing things. It's truly a biological miracle. It's been places many will never go, both geographic and emotional. Now, I am proud of her imperfections, I love her because of what she is, what she can do and where she takes me. She is perfectly imperfect. She is a marvel and I love her without hesitation or reservation, and I can now invite others to do the same. Which This photo is unedited, so if you look more closely, you'll see my stretch marks, my scars and my jiggle. I welcome that, please look, because those are the marks of a good life. A happy life. A whole life. I have nothing to hide anymore. Neither do you. So let's not. Please be kind to your bodies, don't shout at them, whip them, or tell them they're "too" this or "not enough" that. Be gentle, treat them like you would someone you love, because all the love in the world can't be received if you don't love yourself. Took me a loooooooong ass time to learn that one. So, that little nugget of advice is on me. Happy Saturday gorgeous friends xxxxx #selflove #bodypositive #softandlovingit #squishybitsarethebest #loveyourself #loveyourbody #perfectlyimperfect Moon shirt by the very talented @normajeanlovesdoodles - contact her for orders ❤️, grandma underpants by M&S

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♡ 433 ✍ 14 #صباح_الخير ❤ @m9upp @m9upp @m9upp

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♡ 132 ✍ 4 ' ' أحلى هديه لكل خريج 👩🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓

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♡ 84 ✍ 0 @tidaclinic ❤️به فكر زيبايي هات باش❤️ با انتخاب ٣ ناحيه ١ ناحيه هديه بگيريد مجهزترين مركز ليزر و خدمات پوستي پيشرفته ترين bدستگاه هاي ليزر موهاي زائد امريكايي ( الكساندرايت) انجام كليه خدمات پوستي توسط متخصصين مجرب پوست و مو تزريق ژل بوتاكس هايفوتراپي رفع جاي جوش و بخيه، آكنه رفع گودي و كبودي دور چشم و ....... 02146040213 02146040216 👇👇👇👇 @tidaclinic @tidaclinic @tidaclinic

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♡ 2 ✍ 0 🔻 توضیح : جنس این کار چوب انبه و استیل است. سینی ۹۵۴۱۰ کد 00288230 طول ۴۲ عرض ۲۹ قیمت ۱۶۸.۰۰۰ تومان

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♡ 7568 ✍ 27 ลุ้นหมดจานครับป๋า...หมด หมดหมด....ช่วยกันลุ้นป๋าครับ 5555 ✌️✌❤️❤️😀😂

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♡ 7 ✍ 1 ขอบคุณ @tharadabrand นะค้าที่เลือกเครื่องประดับและกระเป๋าของ Rita ไปใช้ถ่ายแบบนะคะ ... ใครชอบชุดสวยๆ แบบเลิศๆ คัตติ้งเนี้ยบมากๆ แนะนำร้านนี้เลยคะ แม่ค้าน่ารักใจดี ราคาเลิศมาก คุณภาพเกินราคาคะ💋 #ร้านโปรดเค้าเลย #สวยและเลิศและดี

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♡ 1342 ✍ 6 #HoganJourney - on the road to the U.S. Pics by @linatesch Attitude and confidence the #HOGAN Maxi #H222 #sneakers Every journey starts with one step…share your @hoganbrand experiences

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♡ 3489 ✍ 5 "...ты красива, чертовски красива...мне безумно приятен твой плен...знаешь...если б тайком попросила, я украл бы тебя. насовсем."😌💭💕 📸 @yankiraforever 🎥 @rusakova_photolab 💄 @taranaleksandra 💍 @yankira_jewerly

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♡ 31 ✍ 0 Продам резину новую. комплект 4шт. Размер 175/65/R14 Цена 3500 руб. тел.89639419902 @irenaya_ #irenaya_ ---------------------------------------- ➡️все объявления @uss_baraholka ---------------------------------------- #усс #уссур #уссурийск #продам #барахолка #недорого #uss #ussur #ussuriisk #объявленияуссурийск #уссурийскбарахолка

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♡ 56 ✍ 0 Save 20% on your next purchase at (Link in Bio) Promo Code - memorial20 - .. #Youtubers #youtuber #videographer #video #casting #gaming #tutorials #makeup

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♡ 361 ✍ 0 uhum

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♡ 11571 ✍ 184 Why is Jay Z copying my pose? 🤔

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♡ 104 ✍ 1 mesela benim evim olsa mesela 🙃💭

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♡ 109 ✍ 2 #HowCan by the new #Mavin double trouble @itz_dna. Song link in @itz_dna's bio. Music video on the way.... #Mavin

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♡ 25 ✍ 0 Tuhan beri kami cinta #sinetronramadhan #sctv #2017

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♡ 551 ✍ 14 👀🍬 Active users Double Tap #Tag 3 Friends Candy: @ayishadiaz

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♡ 41 ✍ 0 No conoces las fiestas de @okeycarpas ? Te esperamos cada fin de semana! Video completo en nuestro face #okeycarpas #okeycornella #party #fiesta #PicOfTheDay #like #fun #bcn #PhotoOfTheDay #disco #club #BestOfTheDay #girls #boys #follow #vip #love #instagood #smile #instalike

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