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° Brazilian Singer\n° Simaria/Kaká/Sílvia/Celso/oficial/ seguem! \n° FãClube\nTwitter: @simoneesimariaa\nParceria direct 📩

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♡ 2627 ✍ 453 #amberrose says #kanyewest only gave her fame. The rest of what she got she had to work her Ass off to accomplish and get.

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♡ 667 ✍ 9 رونمایی از ۲۰۰ دستگاه موتورلانس (آمبولانس موتوری) در تهران. هدف از اینکار افزایش رضایتمندی مردم و کاهش مرگ و میر اعلام شد. از خدمات اورژانس راضی هستید؟ عکس: حسین ظهروند

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♡ 66 ✍ 2 OUR MODEL @jimimariely AND @francinamodels ON THE PRINT COVER @neo2_magazine PHOTOGRAPHED BY @jesusleonardodotcom STYLIST BY @javierdejuanas javierdejuanas

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♡ 2 ✍ 1 Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. You push me, I push you #promise This was super hard, but we didn't give up! Swipe to see video 😂

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♡ 9 ✍ 0 @interviewmag Out with the old... 📸 @kristallmatth. Styling @levymelissa. Hair @yusukemiurahair. Makeup @stojb. Manicure @erihandanail. Casting @shawnd3z.

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♡ 1 ✍ 0 Çok mu çok rahat❤ 🎀şeritli ikili takım 🎀38-40-42-44 🎀sax haki sıyah pudra Renkler için resmi sola kaydırınız❤ 🎀krep kumas 🎀takımdır ayrı ayrı satılmaz 🎀kargo dahıl 114tl Kd:b0y1511521

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♡ 15 ✍ 6 اجمل الدعوات الالكترونيه @d3waaaat

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♡ 386 ✍ 11 MOUAiS c'est pour les minces ça ! Mes rebeux qui mange tacos ben & jerry devant empire ou les anges essayes de retirer leur jean taille haute avec leur gros cul je te jure t arrive pas mdrr.

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♡ 5913 ✍ 217 Stupid lil boy

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♡ 40 ✍ 1 #NoticiasEV Comunicado de Gustavo Marcano, Alcalde de Lechería, sobre su audiencia en el TSJ prevista para el día de hoy. Asimismo a través de Twitter la periodista #ElyangelicaGonzalez indicó que el alcalde espera el pronunciamiento de el #TSJ. . . #EVNews #Venezuela #SosVenezuela #NoMasDictadura #350

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♡ 3304 ✍ 9 On the desert with @carosobrino #crd93 #crdcar7 by @caferacerdreams • 📸: @pancin

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♡ 11 ✍ 0 Guapoo! @abrahammateo. -Betsy.