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Owner and Founder: Chiefkazi Couture Textile & Clothing: Boutique: Chiefkazi Hair and beauty Salon. I am not quoting anyone until they quote me.....

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♡ 288 ✍ 34 My son was only 4yrs old, I pleaded, one of them kept laughing. They kept busy on the car, it sounded like they were dismantling it. They were just taking things out of the car and just breaking them. Then they insisted on me opening up my phone which had an fnb app, (yes, they also knew i had an fnb app), they made me transfer monies into some account and the transfers continued for the next two days they had kept me. Finally around 4/5am still up that mountain, they threw me back in the car and we drove for another 1hr. They kept me for another two days, i do not have the energy to detail what transpired throughout the other two days but all I know is that my God, was with me. I feared the worst, rape, i feared for my son, but my God was there for me. We never recovered the Range Rover, my banks assisted where they could, and most importantly my life was spared. I still do not know why it happened and especially at the time it happened? I remember there were those who literally celebrated my ordeal and made a mockery of my encounter with evil but i still remained strong. Its become a nightmare for me to drive in the evenings but with time i will fully recover. The entire ordeal not only dealt with me emotionally, mentally but it also had a serious bearing on my financials and i believe it was the greatest blessing in disguise because it is through our lowest moments where we get to see who our truest friends are. I have equally forgiven those who did this to me and those who set the hyenas against me. Because anger is self consuming, it is self distracting and poisonous to the mind. I remain Chiefkazi❤

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♡ 163 ✍ 10 It Must have been my favourite @itukhune32 game cause i remember vividly all the saves and cleansheet he mantained in that game. I even wrote a Facebook status about him, which if it wasn't for the grace of God, would have been my last facebook post The game ended at around 21H30. Somehow through out the game there was a strange face that emerged from nowhere, the lone guy seemed interested in what was happening on our table, i didnt really pay attention to him as i concluded its just another guy trying to get a lady's attention. So finally i decided to drive home, i drove, my twin sister called me and she was telling me about my half brother Karabo Mohlabe Lucius's condition after he had been in an accident. I am usually a vigilant driver especially at night, but it must have been the saf newd that i was hearing from my sister that i had not paid too much attention. As i approached a speed hump, few blocks from my housr, a blue BMW emerged from nowhere and bracketed me. A couple of men came out with Guns and were screaming at me to open the door, one telling me not to do anything stupid or i die! I was still on the phone and the shock must have swallowed my own voice because i could have easily toldy sister am being hijacked. But i just froze, phone fell and my body dragged out of the car into the back with my head swammped inbeyween one of the thug's thighs. Could feel the gun and its wright on my back neck. That became the longest night of my life. They drove with me for an hour, at the time they had thrown me in the boot. My bank cards taken, pins, phones and watch. They took me up to a mountain(later found out from tracker that it was Gabalatsane). It was midnight, a very quite night yet my soul was restless. All i could think about was my son. They had blind folded me with an ANC doek, which they took from my boot. I could see through the doek, the Tshwane city lights, what a view. They insulted me, threatened to get hobos to come rape me, they told me about myself, my son, my younger brother and who my associates were. One of them even insisted that i think i am clever, i kept quite. Asked them to take what they wanted and allow me to go back to my son

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♡ 314 ✍ 5 Exactly a year ago, yesterday i woke up and my usual self dressed up and got ready to face the day and all that it brought. Little did i know that the same day :21.09.2016 will be a day I would never forget in my life. I remember it was a sunny afternoon, a bit windy in Johannesnurg as i toured the small Gandi square in pursuit of a vacant rental space for a boutique. I literally spent my day there as i also met up with Treassure and his other Lawyer friend who were at the time assisting my aunt with a legal arbitration process on her unfair dismissal. It must have been one of those "trust your instincts" lessons because after my engagements in Joburg i somehow felt unusually "drained" and needed to just go home and rest. I could not even drive and asked one of the guys in the car to drive as i kept passing out on the wheel. I remember a patt on my shoulder accompanied by the stranger's voice saying,"hi fikile", as he opened the driver door to exit. I woke up and thanked him for assisting and i proceeded to House 22 where Chiefkazi Couture was operating at the time. It was around 6/7pm i think and i thought i needed i cup of rooibos from Ayepyep as it was my favourite spot at the time. I went into Ayepyep and the first person i remember seeing was cde Ratshilumela, we had a brief chat and i proceesed to seat with Bushie and some chaps he hanged around with, they had their table filled up with glasses, a bottle or two of Glen 15 and some water... i had a chat with them and continued to order my tea. The tea pot came and for reasons i cant disclose i was unable to even drink the tea, probably another sign that i should have just gone home and had my tea there. I swear they must have been around watching me. My brothers came looking for me inside Ayepyep as we usually travelled together or follow each other but that evening i just said no its ok they can go i will find them at home. Continued the chat with Bushie and company and finally decided to leave them. Went back to House 22, planning to drive home and as i was about to leave there i was, my eyes fixed on the TV becauae my favourite soccer team Kaizer Chiefs was playing against Highland Park. Continues..

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♡ 105694 ✍ 1188 calm down, don't rush, no pressure ❤️ • makeup by @tata.mua

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♡ 150 ✍ 0 @duyguubatuu'nun kitabı Avrupada en çok satanlar listesine girmiş @esraerol 🙏#Repost @esraerol (@get_repost) ・・・ Annesinin hikayesini kaleme alan Duygu Batu'nun kitabını yayınla paylaştım. Şükürler olsun kitap avrupa listesinde çok satanlara girmiş🙏 herzaman yanındayım sevgili Duygu❤

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♡ 730 ✍ 0 . پاترول 4 درب شيش سيلندر مدل:١٣٦٢ (توكارتش به ميلادي خورده(1983) كاركرد:٣٨٥ هزار ١١سال تخفيف بيمه تا برج ١٢بيمه داره توضيحات كامل لطفاً تماس گرفت شود درخدمت هستم ماشين استثنايي دو لكه رنگ.فروش فوري تخفيف خوب پاي معامله قيمت:18 میلیون شماره تماس:09371663101

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♡ 198612 ✍ 499 In love with the new Black Opium Pure Illusion in limited edition by @yslbeauty #ad #ysbeauty #yslblackopium 😍

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♡ 1359 ✍ 4 "Muffuletta mortadella olive caper focaccia" @toriba_makanai at #colettewaterbar #Jardinsacai #colette @toriba_coffee

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