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🚻Підписуйтесь\n🆕Справжні фото \n🆒Товар в наявності\n▶️Оформити заказ: Direct\n➡️#відгуки_goshop #клієнти_goshop

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♡ 140 ✍ 1 Looking to add more girl/girl or girl/guy photo shoots to my portfolio! If you're a model interested in working with me shoot me a message! #sg Photo of me and @maggie_fracture by @iamasa_photography2

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♡ 3 ✍ 0 Hey remember when people started saying that coconut oil is bad for you and for a moment you felt like throwing in the towel and giving up on trying to be healthy forever? Same. 💁 . . . #coconutoilforeverything #forever #andever #amen🙏🏼 (via @timeforsoul)

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♡ 121 ✍ 5 Incase you can't get enough of baby and I. I love this little hottie. 🔥 @babydolltk @archivalgrams

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♡ 2880 ✍ 20 I can't wait to release the new @brukinis one pieces which I also wear as a shirt 🔥🇧🇷

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♡ 122 ✍ 0 No se pierda Mañana 7PM todo lo que pasa detrás de cámaras en la grabación de un cuento @alopanameno esta vez en el nuevo cuento "La suerte de la Fea a la Bonita no le importa" @telemetro #TaMasBueno

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