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Pro rally driver for Subaru Rally Team USA. 2002-2003, 2011-2016 US Champion. British 15 major rally titles and 8 kart championships

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♡ 184✍6 Warning flashing lights!! @matthew_higgins_75 learning how to weld today. Grandad has the best workshop 👍

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♡ 468✍2 Congrats to @matthew_higgins_75 pole position won both heats and lights to flag victory in final, max points and #rednalkarting winter series champion with round to go. Thanks @dirtfishrally @ethika @rednalkarting

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♡ 402✍0 Amazing drive today by @lissy_higgins having here best ever drive until last lap when driver thought it was ok to drive through here knocking here off and down to 9th. Very proud Dad and also very 😡 @dirtfishrally #rednalkarting

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♡ 526✍4 @matthew_higgins_75 and @lissy_higgins in mix of things during today's test session at Hooton park @dirtfishrally @kartpit

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♡ 543✍6 Great spin out this morning testing some new hydration plans from the #sweatexperts @precisionhydration #loanrider #nantyrarianmtb

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♡ 513✍3 Great day at the opening of the skills track #nantyrarianmtb @matthew_higgins_75 now has the full set of signatures thanks to @dan_atherton @rachybox @gee_atherton @trekbikes

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♡ 307✍2 Thanks to my long term partners @precisionhydration for sorting my hydration needs again👍 #sweatexperts

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♡ 622✍3 Great day with @tomwrigleyracing at #izone and quick visit to his race team @in2racing_ltd_ #neverstoplearning

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♡ 497✍5 Today marked @matthew_higgins_75 year anniversary and marked it with Stunning clean sweep, @lissy_higgins had great drive recovering from being spun out on lap 1 to finish 6th👍👍 @dirtfishrally @kimerakoffee #rednalkarting

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♡ 429✍0 Good test today with @lissy_higgins and @matthew_higgins_75 ready for Sunday's race @dirtfishrally @ethika @kimerakoffee #rednalkarting

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♡ 432✍1 Thanks to Eddy @gygkarting for getting @lissy_higgins through her MSA licence today

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♡ 591✍12 Tonight's throw back, one of my first kart races, me on left @mark_higgins_21 middle (no trophy) and Dad, check out our full factory race van #rusty. People often ask how you get started, well it's right at the bottom👍dream big work hard

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♡ 516✍1 This post was reposted using @the.instasave.app #theinstasaveapp ・・・ "Uncle @mark_higgins_21 might be pretty handy around the Isle of Man TT course but he's still got a bit of work do do to catch me on a kart😂😂@srtusa"

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♡ 487✍4 Going back further now, 8 years old doing motorbike trail #yamaha #ty80

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♡ 952✍22 Not enjoying my very first photo shoot back in the day 1992

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♡ 562✍4 Great days testing at @rednalkarting with @matthew_higgins_75 flying today in dry and set new benchmark of 43.8👍 @dirtfishrally @kimerakoffee

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♡ 783✍3 Great effort by @matthewhiggins75 today 1st time in dry on jnr kart and new track, p5 in qualifying p3 race one, p2 race 2 and 2nd in final 1st sealed standard engine. Thanks Tony and @lukehughes16 @dirtfishrally @kimerakoffee @ethika

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♡ 107✍2 What you waiting for coffee lovers @kimerakoffee

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♡ 2105✍9 you never get to old to play in the snow @subaru_usa @srtusa @methodracewheels @dirtfishrally @crcrally @craigdrew75 thanks Richard Bouchard for great photo

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♡ 530✍13 Morning selfie when you wake up as first ever winner of @ara_rally event😜

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