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♡ 27 ✍ 0 The Pretty Bitch Crew lol! @carringtondurham @angelina_heart

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♡ 861 ✍ 0 😍 @therealexotichair #blondes

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♡ 85 ✍ 1 if we were to tell you that we weren't obsessed with all of our new arrivals... we'd be lying!! shop this new kimono and so much more now - shopthegaudy.com! | Feels So Right | one size, $42. //online now - link in bio// in stores now.

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♡ 46 ✍ 0 ♡ Charm's college tee ♡ 170฿ reg.+30 , ems.+50฿ ♡ อก38" ยาว25" ------------------------------ ♡ { line : @ovz6023v มี@ } ♡ พร้อมโอนค่อยสั่งน้าาาา

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♡ 1916 ✍ 9 Uma grande honra fazer parte do time das meninas!!! "Como nossos pais" foi recebido calorosamente no festival de Gramado,dia 31/8 estreia em tdo pais,fica aqui meu convite a vcs!!! Viva o cinema nacional,Viva as mulheres!!!

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♡ 398 ✍ 7 Face Monday with a cool, calm mind with the help of our Headache Relief kit. Start your week with your wellness in mind – this kit includes our best-selling Peppermint Halo essential oil blend roll-on (plus wand), and soothing Stress Release mist, so you can keep headaches and worries at bay (for $20 with any $40 purchase, only for a limited time). #SpreadWellness

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♡ 8 ✍ 0 And thats why they killed him...✊💯#jfk ....#fucktrump

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♡ 263 ✍ 7 🅱️oolin

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♡ 9 ✍ 0 #Gonaij: Via @klintoncod Brainless Johnbosco secured a place to stay in the UK after contacting @kwabainternational . Students from Nigeria seeking accommodation in the uk can easily do thesame. Log on to www.students.kwaba.ng and do like Johnbosco 😀 Song:i no fit shout by Frank Edwards

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♡ 34 ✍ 0 Shop our Jade white flared sleeve dress $75 💕💕shop at www.lovestoreyboutique.com 💕 #ootd #ootn #fashion #luxe #style #inspo #dress #bloggerstyle #afterpay #whitedress #longsleevedress

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♡ 59 ✍ 0 Adding some of y'all back on Snapchat, if you added/add me comment your snap on my last post for a follow back. I'm only doing this today so take advantage! ⚡️🤳🏻

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♡ 163 ✍ 0 2013年交配苗。選抜株。 #2013年交配苗。#選抜株。 #斑入り。 #斑。 季節によって白い部分が発生する斑入り。同じ株からのクローンなのに斑の出かたにムラがある…扱いづらっっ😅

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♡ 18 ✍ 0 Haha The Carefree Days With No Worries, Hope They All Doing Well! @realsterling @mitchelmusso

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♡ 200 ✍ 0 Dug up this oversaturated painting with an old-school Feonix I did for a charity book years ago.

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♡ 5010 ✍ 120 My hair is juicy today! 🙆🏾(See what I moisturized with in my Instastory ☝🏾)

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♡ 68 ✍ 0 😎 Selamat Pagi Bapak Candi I, semangat mengabdi untuk Jawa Tengah jendral In Frame : - Irjen. Pol. Drs. Condro Kirono, M.M., M.Hum . Loc : Lapangan Pancasila, Semarang . #polisiindonesia #abdinegaraid #polisi #indonesianspecialpoliceforce #humaspoldajateng #polantasindonesia

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♡ 793 ✍ 10 Ontem aqui em #Londres nem parecia que eu e a banda estávamos praticamente virados vindo de um longo show de Góis, mais estrada, aeroporto, vôo e etc. A energia da galera no The Garage fez o nosso cansaço sumir! Valeeeeu!

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♡ 144 ✍ 6 Our first schema map of the year is ready and it TOTALLY looks like a brain! Clearly. A. Brain. Ready to learn all about the human body!

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♡ 18 ✍ 1 ' . #سنابات_راجح_الحارثي #دعم_راجح_الحارثي #راجح_الحارثي #جمهور_العز @rajeh_90 سناب راجح | reey90