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We recently have had the pleasure to become Insta friends with this lovely couple @kimberlygibas and @benrg13 who have triplets! We loved seeing your European adventure! And thanks for bringing the Onya along. 💞🌏 • • • • • #wearthemonya #onyababy #babywearingrocks #babycarrier #babywearingdad #travelfamily #travelingwithtriplets #eauropeanadventure 59 ♡ 2 ✍ July 17

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Wishing to be in Mallorca with my girls 💭🌴🌊! . . . . . . #vacationplease #tripletmom #dreaming #mallorca #holidays #triplets #homekong #travelingwithtriplets #girls #familygoals #happysunday 67 ♡ 3 ✍ July 9

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✌🏼out California! It's been real. Now wish us luck being stuck in a car with 8 people for the next 10 hours 😧😧😧. #roadtrip #familyvacation #vacation #trip #nationallampoonsvacation #griswalds #triplets #travelingwithtriplets 1423 ♡ 24 ✍ November 13

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He, most likely, will never remember this moment, but I know I will never forget it. #disneyland #disney #hayestough #cancersucks #roadtrip #magickingdom #mickeymouse #blueeyes #travelingwithtriplets 2221 ♡ 64 ✍ November 10

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Pool day or morning........It's 9:30 and I'm having to buy some time with the kids while the babies nap. Apparently they are worn out from 10 hours at Disneyland. Freaking "Disney rookies" 😂😂😂. But, I did teach this kid how to swim 🏊🏻this morning. Also, It would be a good idea for Instagram to have a "tan filter". It would really help us pasties 👻 out. #familyvacation #dadlife #dadbod #roadtrip #travelingwithtriplets #family #swimminglesson #poolparty #pooltime 1064 ♡ 15 ✍ November 9

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Last Disney post for the day, I promise. But for those of you that have followed our story from the beginning we had promised our kids that we would take them all to Disneyland after Hayes "got better". We know there is still roads to climb, but we couldn't miss out on this opportunity. Disneyland was also the one thing that had sent me into a panic attack when we found out we were having triplets. I feared we would never be able to take our kids to Disneyland. In some weird way,......this trip was all about proving to ourselves that we can be "normal" people. There's no obstacle that will get in our way. We are a family, perhaps a "rare" family with all of our kids and our battle with cancer, but we are a tough family that will face our obstacles head on and overcome what life throws at us. But don't get me wrong....that was the most exhausting day of my life. My feet hurt, my head hurts and I want to cry from exhaustion but we did it. Boom! #disneyland #hayestough #cancersucks #family #dadlife #waltdisney #roadtrip #familyvacation #travelingwithtriplets #tatepartyof8 1971 ♡ 62 ✍ November 9

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These are the moments I dreamed of during those 120 days in the hospital. While Hayes layed in bed during those days I promised myself to embrace the opportunities to enjoy life and my family. I will never turn down an opportunity to create a memory. It's only one day into this road trip, but it has been incredibly therapeutic for me. Who woulda thought that traveling in a Suburban full of 8 people would be therapy?! Most people need therapy after something like that. 😂😂 #hayestough #cancersucks #memories #family #beach #roadtrip #swingset #dadlife #hayesarmy #travelingwithtriplets #travel #familyvacation #vacationlife #dad #fatherandson #therapy 1823 ♡ 35 ✍ November 8

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Somewhere in Southern Utah. On our way to Newport Beach, California. Next stop: Las Vegas! #roadtrip #travelingwithtriplets #tatetriplets #griswalds #nationallampoonsvacation #vacation #utah #family 1345 ♡ 31 ✍ November 6

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Now that's #America. Chicago>Rockies>Arizona>Nevada #travelingwithtriplets #plusroll 15 ♡ 0 ✍ October 9

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Throwback Tuesday? Last year we were in Amsterdam! #typicalfamilyphotos #stellyinmybelly #garaytriplets #triplets #travelingwithtriplets 96 ♡ 2 ✍ August 9

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#latergram of how we safely get through a parking garage 😂😂 they call it "the cart!!!" Like its an amusement park ride or something. #whateverworks #garaytriplets #travelingwithtriplets @sollybabywrap safely keeping our #sweetstellabella 75 ♡ 1 ✍ June 19

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It poured rain all day in Innsbruck. So, we ate ice cream on the floor of the gelaterie, played in a McDonald's play place in a famous Innsbruck square instead of going on an tours, and decided we just need to come back to Innsbruck another day. It was a weird and rough travel day for the #garaytriplets. Just one of those, "no one is going with the plan" kind of days. All the meltdowns that could have possibly been had were DEFINITELY had, by both child and parent. That combined with #allthevomit from Clara and #allthepoop from Stella, we are headed home. #garaytravelingcircus #garaypartyofsix #garaytriplets #travelingwithtriplets #jco2016 #whentripsgosouth 72 ♡ 0 ✍ June 19

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vacation prep in our new pea pod tents! #travelingwithtriplets 97 ♡ 12 ✍ June 15

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As good as it's going to get these days in #colognegermany #garaypartyofsix #dasgrossedeutscheabenteuer #travelingwithtriplets #drillinge 113 ♡ 2 ✍ April 9

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The #garaytriplets trying to pull every single lock off of the Köln bridge. #onelockatatime #drillinge #triplets #kölnbridge #kölnerdom #dasgrossedeutscheabenteuer #travelingwithtriplets 85 ♡ 1 ✍ April 9

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They just knocking my family tree down they just don't want us to hill I ask god to get me threw this pain I been fighting pain for 3 months first Twan may 9 then Sean June 18 now neko July 25 pull threw fam pull threw we going fight this shit together we going fight into we can't fight no more why we gotta keep going threw this why what did we do 64 ♡ 8 ✍

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