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#nature #mountains #southafrica #hike 1 ♡ 0 ✍ January 22

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Still vining off of my time in Johannesburg. My sister from another @u_afrontombi just sent me this video. Read up on my time in Jozi by clicking on the link in the bio. This was my first night....and my reintroduction to SA culture since living in London and being amongst my SA and Zim friends. #nomadeennoir #daringtofindyourself #youmatter #blackdestinationsmatter #johannesburg #jozi #southafrica 1 ♡ 0 ✍ January 22

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#MzansiVinesRecognizes @tafire_deli ・・・ South African languages! #TaFire #TagYourFriends #SouthAfrica #SouthAfricanLanguages #MzansiVines 0 ♡ 0 ✍ January 22

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Just like in other parts of the world where animals move into the cities because humans invade their homes, in South Africa the vervet monkeys can be found in many of the less city like cities. Pests to the residents as they steal food and are smart enough to open things you don't want them to open, but none the less super cute. These monkeys have also learned to fear guns as people shoot them and will sometimes run when they see you with a camera as they associate it with a weapon. Yet they are often brave enough to stay where they are and cause havoc with you close by. They can bite so if you see them do not approach. #southafrica #lifeisamust #vervetmonkey #monkey #monkeysoftheworld #apes #smartypants #flowers #gardens #nature #cities #animals #pets #wildlife #threelittlemonkeys #africa #urbanism #theylivedtherefirst #ballito #memories #throwback 7 ♡ 0 ✍ January 22

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Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is a must see if in Cape Town. It has an amazing selection of Fynbos from all around the Cape region. If Proteas, Leucospermum, Leucadendron and Ericas are your thing then this is the place for you to visit on your travels. @theblossomwarrior #theblossomwarrior #kirstenbosch #kirstenboschbotanicalgardens #protea #leucospermum #leucadendron #erica #fynbos #mountain #colours #pink #africa #southafrica #capetown #horticulture #garden #travel #adventure 13 ♡ 0 ✍ January 22

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My vegetable and herb seeds have arrived! To think that we will be growing our own food in a few weeks is a liberating feeling that excites us! There is something magically liberating and exciting about growing one's own food 🍌🌴🌺🌱🍇🍆. Our off-grid adventure will officially begin in one week. #food #vegetables #life #freedom #vegan #offgrid #family #vasectomy #health #fitness #fruit #training #calisthenics #nature #southafrica #wildlife #animals 6 ♡ 0 ✍ January 22

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South Africa scenery shared brilliantly by @lukemaximobell 📸 #visitsouthafrica 30 ♡ 3 ✍ January 22

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Being so close to these gentle giants is truly a magical experience! No zoom needed ☺️🇿🇦💕🐘 #elephantselephantpark #knysna #knysna #southafrica 0 ♡ 0 ✍ January 22

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I love the randomness of this shot. The giraffe with its mouth open, and the zebra's tail horizontal... 7 ♡ 1 ✍ January 22

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"The things you own end up owning you. It's only after you lose everything that you're free to do anything." (Over past few years I have grown to realize this more and more) #minimalism #minimalist #BackToBasics 40 ♡ 6 ✍ January 1

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Lustful @lancehartfetish needs the Waterproof Unisex Apron w/Zippered Front Flap for ease of access 😈😈😈 Naughty, naughty... 31 ♡ 1 ✍ January 1

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Fear in taking the next step will only set you back further than you think. We have ONE life! Take advantage of it! Amazingly incredible things happen when fear isnt hindering you! If its anything towards self growth or in a way of helping others then GO FOR IT! "WHATS FEAR??.. Never heard of it!" ♥♥♥ 5 ♡ 0 ✍ January 1

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ตอนนี้ผ้าใบEVA มีสีดำแล้วน้าาาา 5 ♡ 0 ✍ January 1

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I've been posting twice a day sometimes more sometimes less for like a full year now.And I legit don't think I've missed a day woah,I'm proud of me.👏👏 131 ♡ 7 ✍ January 1

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FUTURE IS FEMALE👊🏼#mybodymychoice 26009 ♡ 78 ✍ January 1

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w. my bookski @janaye_ingram 😘 #womensmarchonwashington 527 ♡ 4 ✍ January 1

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Любое модное Окрашивание у стилистов , Кати , Инны и Юли , всего за 5500‼️ записывайтесь заранее📞🔥 15 ♡ 1 ✍ January 1

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Окрашивание стилиста Юли🙋🏽. Стоимость модного окрашивания всего за 5500‼️ места ограничены‼️ записывайтесь заранее📞🔥. 24 ♡ 1 ✍ January 1

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Некоторые люди на полном серьезе боятся того, что я могу быть в них разочарована. Притормозите. Пока я с вами говорю, все нормально. Но сейчас даже "привет" не могу сказать, а "пошёл на хер" воспитание не позволяет. #ночнаяфилософия #latenight #правилажизни #одиндень #idontgiveafuck #моямосква #somethingtosay 2499 ♡ 0 ✍ January 1

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Русалочка.. @annabars1 #happybirthday 108 ♡ 1 ✍ January 1