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Essa é a @natalliarodrigues__. Recentemente ela perdeu um papel numa série de TV... sabe porque? Porque tem poucos seguidores (isso é real... acredite se quiser). Agora ela implora de forma humilhante para que os amigos a indiquem em suas redes sociais. Sigam ela e salvem uma excelente atriz da vida das drogas. 13288 ♡ 200 ✍

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For the biggest stars of this #beautifulgame follow @starsoffootball 14311 ♡ 10 ✍

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Estamos en vivo desde Puerto Rico para contarles cómo de afectada sigue la isla por el paso del huracán María. 1191 ♡ 12 ✍

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حد عنده خطط غيرها تشاركنا فيها😂؟ 2536 ♡ 104 ✍

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پلنگامون 2359 ♡ 131 ✍

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Guys, @thefootballcraft is having a special sale, they are giving the jerseys for only $45 + free shipping! Just use the code CRAFT5. Get yours now before the sale ends! Many jerseys to choose from! Link in bio. 3000 ♡ 10 ✍

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Los rescatistas mexicanos siguen trabajando sin descanso para sacar a personas y animales de entre los escombros. Se lo contamos hoy en #PrimerImpacto. 888 ♡ 4 ✍

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4 more days! @NBCGreatNews is back this Thursday at 9:30pm on NBC #GreatNews ✨💫✨ 13921 ♡ 79 ✍

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@Nasimbeautysalon براى ديدن نمونه كارها به پيج مراجعه كنيد @Nasimbeautysalon @Nasimbeautysalon @Nasimbeautysalon @Nasimbeautysalon 182 ♡ 4 ✍

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🤔🤔🤔 منكه ميگم اين اشعات ماهواره و امواج راديويى هم بى تاثير نيست😐 2466 ♡ 107 ✍

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Hey guys I been doing a 14 day detox by @fittea I drink it every day before I do my 1hr cardio on my stepper. It gives me energy and I'm already starting to see results on my body 💪🏽 28736 ♡ 419 ✍

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Envió inmediato en Colombia Talla 37 Color blanco Escríbenos al ws +12013819595 Entregas solo en Colombia 2538 ♡ 4 ✍

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55234 ♡ 294 ✍

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Photoshoot fresh! 👌 10735 ♡ 37 ✍

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Is it Friday yet? 🙄😩 12920 ♡ 87 ✍

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2297 ♡ 144 ✍

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#WORNDIFFERENT NYC: A project bringing together makers, creators, and artists from New York City that culminates with a clash of art and music this December. Stay tuned for more info on the artists, bands, and how you can attend. 26926 ♡ 32 ✍

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Do you need a doctor?👨🏼‍⚕️❤️ Left or right😍 Follow me @tusmejoreschicos for more guys ☺️💘 . . . #change #boys #guys #doctor #cute #baby #film #meditation #goodnight #happy #cool #amazing #love #amor #quotes #quote #lovely #anatomy #greysanatomy 33983 ♡ 595 ✍

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Plaid delights spotted during Milan Fashion Week #streetstyle 🔥 For more of our favorite looks, click the link in our bio! #MFW // photo: @asiatypek 986 ♡ 0 ✍