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ig grumpy_kag instagram
ig grumpy_kag instagram

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♡ 77 ✍ 2 We aren't all high rollers, but luckily our tees are only $13 a piece! Get these three today while they're still available. ''High Roller'' by RetroReview, ''Shire Summer Camp'' by @Olipopart, and ''I'm Raiding!'' by Lazarino

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♡ 75 ✍ 8 I've been holding off Tattoos bc of career choices 😭😭 but I want this but minus the bih on the ladder and I want her to have a fro with mini flowers in her hair. But then where would I get it 😭

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♡ 1036 ✍ 10 Beeswax wraps 🐝 tools of the trade ~ DIY coming to the blog soon!

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♡ 554 ✍ 14 ☕️ Saturday cafe catch ups 😍😍 We have just discovered turmeric lattes, normally we see things like this and roll our eyes - but one of us not being a coffee drinker and googling all the benefits of turmeric we are converts 🙌🏻 #notjustforwankers #actuallytastesgood

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♡ 148 ✍ 0 E a nossa tarde ao lado de @luisaschroder terminou com uma visitada guiada pelo @goart na #SemanaDeArte, que acontece no subsolo do @hotelunique até o dia 20/08. No click, obra do Cícero Dias, renomado pintor do modernismo brasileiro. #GalleristXLuisaSchroder

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♡ 159 ✍ 2 쫀득쫀득 신축성 좋은 박스T!👕 컬러감 넘 예쁘죠? 무게감있게 차르르 떨어지는 여리한 핏으로 체형커버까지 완벽!😆 #쫀득단박스T

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♡ 164 ✍ 1 @camilaomastott se unio a Meli Nails y no podía dejar de tener NUESTRAS CLÁSICAS! #nailspink #queen #lovelyrose #lovenails #glitters #casecutegirl #nailsgel

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♡ 24 ✍ 3 Kon log hai or waqi kaha se aye hai... isi liye tu alien nahi ate hamare taraf.. . . 😁😂🤣 😉😊😆 😅😄😃 🤗☺😊 . . #aabaan

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♡ 154 ✍ 5 PULL UP 🤑

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♡ 50 ✍ 0 We spent a wonderful day snorkelling with our children in crystal clear waters at Manukan island, Kota Kinabalu. We saw hundreds of fish, sea urchins and also found nemo 🐟🐠🐡🐟🐠🐡🐠🐟🐡#manukanisland #snorkellingday #summerhols

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♡ 748 ✍ 16 Que día tan cool tuve hoy! 🙌🏻 bebé cuál es tu frappe favorito de la vida? El mío es el sabor Chai 🙊✨💕

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♡ 2907 ✍ 76 One in the million type of Nigga... 📸 @whoisparisphillips #styledbyzell #zellswag #lhh #mrloveandhiphop #READking #Season1Bitch

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♡ 652 ✍ 9 Unforgettable #oneyearago #louvre #paris

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♡ 178 ✍ 0 Всем отличного дня 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋⚓️ @floral_style @art_petrov Организатор @cranberryevent

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♡ 1499 ✍ 14 #fridayvibes Another AMAZING class with @jakekodish 💖 #jakekodishchoreography #reesehatala @imma.apparel #lilbeast

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♡ 856 ✍ 5 Artist: @vaclav_tattoo Location: Montreal •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ------------------------------------------ #tattoo_art_worldwide#tattooflash#tattoo#tattoos#ink#inked#art#artist#supportart#artists#support #art#yall #yallzee

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♡ 33 ✍ 0 Blusas com preços competitivos na numeração g/ gg/ 46/ 48....



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