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♡ 103 ✍ 2 México y el mundo mantienen sus ojos en el rescate de Frida Sofía, una niña de 8 años atrapada bajo los escombros de su escuela. Otros 5 niños se encontrarían con vida junto a ella. Un símbolo de la tragedia que mantiene viva la esperanza en Ciudad de México. Foto: Mario Vazquez, AFP. #Terremoto #FuerzaMéxico

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♡ 260781 ✍ 2554 last show tonight. woke up feeling so incredibly sad. but also incredibly grateful. and filled with so much love. thank you.

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♡ 6 ✍ 0 The sun is shining again so I'm a happy girl!! I found a cute piece yesterday that I want to paint but I've just had my neck and back fixed so I have to wait!! Hope your week is going well!! #mydecorwednesday #sharemysquare #farmhousetable #farmhousestyle

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♡ 4 ✍ 0 The patient finally getting some time in the garden. He's so happy. #malcolmfurball

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♡ 63 ✍ 2 Halloween prep at HQ today with our new themed Kokeshi dolls 🎃👻 #kokeshi #kokeshidolls #halloween

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♡ 57 ✍ 1 When you are trying to get theeee best group picture because your sister and Ben are visiting from British Columbia 🇨🇦 and you are just so excited they are here. #wetriedourbest #weshoukdhavejustaskedsomeonetohelpus

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♡ 161 ✍ 7 Loving my new present from my husband. We have cooked outside on the griddle 5 out of 7 days since we got it. Tonight was deer sausage, deer hot links, squash, zucchini, and red onions. Food and food related items are definitely my love language. What's your love language?

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♡ 29 ✍ 0 Hmm 🤷🏽‍♀️

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♡ 14 ✍ 0 The QBC Water Bottles are now available with the proceeds going to help fight Pediatric Cancer!



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