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♡ 1287 ✍ 8 Today is the first chapter of OC co-founders tribute to #KenzoTakada: #KENZO – La Collection Memento N°1 🏔We celebrate with an exclusive online launch — Join us in celebrating as we once again team up with legendary photographer #HansFeurer to present treasures of the past and the possibilities of the future (link in bio) 📸 @HansFeurer

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♡ 6805 ✍ 28 Yes or No?😗

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♡ 202 ✍ 9 Elektronik Sigara İçin 👇🏻 @e_sigaramm @e_sigaramm @e_sigaramm Sipariş whatsapp 👉🏻 0544 390 0487

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♡ 7130 ✍ 83

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♡ 65 ✍ 0 اگه دنبال يه مركز خوب براى پاكسازى اصولى پوستتون هستيد كه تحت نظر متخصص داراي مدارك معتبر داخلى و خارجى اداره ميشه و از برترين محصولات آمريكايي استفاده ميكنند حتما يك سر به ندا سنتر بزنيد. @Neda_center @Neda_center @Neda_center 📞: 22118869 __ 09120920277

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♡ 55 ✍ 1 @farzaneh_makeupartist @farzaneh_makeupartist آموزش دوره های میکاپ و گریم تخصصی فرزانه شاهمرادی میکاپ آرتیست فوق تخصصی عروس ارائه ی جدیدترین تکنیک های گریم، میکاپ و کانتورنینگ متعادل سازی چهره متناسب با آناتومی و فرم صورت با استفاده از برترین برندهای معتبر دنیا Tel: 09121006861 برای مشاهده نمونه کارهای بیشتر 👇🏻 @farzaneh_makeupartist @farzaneh_makeupartist @farzaneh_makeupartist

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♡ 39890 ✍ 966 🇺🇸👊🏾

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♡ 4231 ✍ 46

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♡ 20798 ✍ 1360 Your beautiful 🐞🦋

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♡ 5518 ✍ 22 Yes, that is a dog giving side eye to his custom graphic tee made by @popyourpup

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♡ 14812 ✍ 772 🤣🤣🤣🤣🐜🕷

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♡ 56291 ✍ 1704 He had. Time 🤣🤣🎞

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♡ 15382 ✍ 181 One week left!! See my link in bio to enter for a chance to hang out with these bad mamas! Proceeds benefit @allianceofmoms. ❤️❤️

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♡ 34680 ✍ 1327 Erik dalı gevrektir çalınca dayanamayıp kurtları döken ufaklık .)

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♡ 227 ✍ 0 Listen‼️I Need All Y'all With Student Loan Debt To Call: 1-888-255-8951...Right NOW‼️ This Program Is Still In Tact BUT Not For Long‼️ Just Trying To Help‼️ Call Before It's Gone‼️1-888-255-8951

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♡ 1296 ✍ 28 A protester is removed by a Capitol Hill police officer during a Senate Finance Committee hearing on the latest Republican effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act on Capitol Hill in Washington, September 25, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque #reuters #reutersphotos #dc #healthcare #capitolhill

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♡ 45856 ✍ 2876 🔌🤣🤣👏🏾👏🏾

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♡ 5770 ✍ 95 Vento forte que a vida soprou Derrubou o ninho de amor Hoje eu sou Um cigano que foge da dor Um oceano sem navegador Hoje eu sou Um fulano que a sorte marcou Condenado a ser um sonhador Hoje eu sou de ninguém ( Alexandre Pires / Luiz Silva ) 📝🎵🎶



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