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♡ 543 ✍ 1 @KirkFranklin is the first artist to win twice in the Best Gospel Album category. He won the GRAMMY in 2011 for 'Hello Gear' and this year for 'Losing My Religion.' Click the link in our bio ⬆⬆⬆ for more #GRAMMYs fun facts.

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♡ 208 ✍ 5 Pasta Alfredo with @jacksgourmet spicy sausage, peas and ricotta cheese! Jack's Gourmet is all natural, no preservatives and gluten free! #AllThingsGF #GlutenFree #Pasta #Sausage #JacksGourmet #Peas #Homemade #Cheese #GlutenFreeLiving #GlutenFreeFood #Cheesy #InstaFood #NoLeftOvers #GoodFood

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♡ 8 ✍ 1 Que alegria ver este grande espetáculo acontecendo! Foi lindo! Parabéns a todas as escolas pelo empenho e esforço, e a Liga pela organização! Nas 📷📷 com @joseaugustotovar para #revistacapa 🎉

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♡ 171 ✍ 24 Soll ich für die Fortsetzung einfach Kapitel 57 machen oder iwie so 2T1 oder idk, wie soll ich das schreiben?

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♡ 2 ✍ 1 Купальник 450 грн💎💎💎 Хит года🤤