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She was lost in thoughts, so many things had happened to her in this shot while. Why is life like this? Why are people this cruel? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why didn't the ground open for her to enter and it left her walking in shame and pains? All she needed was to clear her head and think of a plan... Where would she get her inspiration from? Oh God! Can you just help me with a great idea that will bring me out of my troubles? She was thinking about a million things at a time, little did she know that she has started walking home and left her car behind, dangling the car keys... All of a sudden, the feel of the sea blowing through her hair, a wonderful feel, very light scent that sent her blank and there was this calmness in her spirit. She felt luxury calling on her, she could feel her dreams unfolding before her eyes and she suddenly forgot about the days trouble, feeling like God has answered her prayers. It felt like heaven and there were smiles all over her face and she felt very light. All she could say was I love you! Thank you so much! I can smell your presence and you give me inspiration, only for her to hear a voice beside her asking her 'is that a yes to my proposal ' little did he know she didn't notice him, just his fragrance!!! With @iyons_fashionparlour we don't just sell Perfumes, we sell memories. Order while stocks last #instagood #instafamous #inspiration #inspire #inspirationalquotes #scentofafrica #smile #smellfresh #storytime #stories #fragranza #fragrancepeople #perfumecollector #womensfashion #interpreneur #womeninbusiness #nigeria #naijafashiondaily #fragrance #perfumenigeria #iyonsperfumes #oilperfumes 0 ♡ 0 ✍ January 20

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