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🙏❤️ #instamood #instagood #inspiration #goodnight #loveyourself #bekind #Repost @createthelove with @repostapp ・・・ It’s so hard to resist holding on… to let go of the past and how we envisioned our future. It’s challenging to trust that life is synchronistic and it will all work out just as it should. It’s such an idealist view of life isn’t it? And yet when we’re not in the thick of emotions this concept is easy to understand and accept. It’s easy when love is flowing and life is making it rain bliss...It’s when the storms hit and people feed us this advice that we think, “Thanks for the tip bud. Now piss off… I’m sad." Right? • But the truth is that life is always going to hand us shit. Breakups, deaths, illness, job losses… whatever the low - they are a reality of being human. Our mortality is real. And yet despite the valuable time of each moment that ticks by we hold on to pain rather than feeling it. Why do we do that? The pain is familiar…it reminds us of a certainty we once had. If we had to let go… we enter the space of the unknown. But wow… that’s where the magic is. • So if we’re in the storm how do we just let go and trust? How do we know that it will all work out? One must not look far to see that in nature there are no mistakes. There are no accidents. Trees, flowers, animals… none of them think about all of these things… they just trust. We say they lack conscious awareness… but maybe they’re the ones who have it figured out? You don’t know what lies in your future… but I can tell you one thing for certain… when space is created in our lives it allows other people and experiences to enter. Your greatest moments are waiting, you just need to let go of the ones which have already passed. #createthelove 1 ♡ 0 ✍ February 21

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